PAKWACH: Ugandan Tax payers have lost shs102million in the botched construction of Alwi Sub County Administrative block in Pakwach district, North Western Uganda.

This is after officials condemned the use of the structure barely a year after the contractor, KG Adubango handed it over to Alwi Sub County Authorities.

The building was deserted last year after it developed huge cracks, a sign of possible collapse that caused fear among the Sub County officials.

Abandoned Alwi building 2

Ms Rovia Osaiboth, the Alwi Sub County Vice Chairperson told West Nile Web in an interview on Tuesday that they were forced to abandon the building for fear of their lives.

“The cracks had become too big both in front and behind the Administration block which we hardly used for four years. We are now being accommodated in a staff house meant for the Sub County Chief,” Osaiboth stated.

She said all the departments including Veterinary, Finance, Agriculture and offices under the political wing have been squeezed in the staff residence.

According to Osaiboth, the Sub County Chief has now been forced to rent in Nebbi Town where she commutes for work on daily basis.

The structure in question was constructed by the Ministry of Local Government through Nebbi district before Alwi became part of the present Pakwach district on 1st July 1 2017.

But Mr Geoffrey Okaka, the Nebbi district Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) blamed the problem on the Ministry of Local Government, saying they sent the structural design without considering the poor soil texture of the area.

staff residence

“The cracks you saw on that building came as a result of the design sent by the Ministry of Local Government. Since the design came with fixed cost, we had no room for adjustments after realizing that the soil texture at the proposed site was very bad,” said Okaka.

Similarly, Mr George Kermundo Adubango, the Director of KG Adubango, the company which which did the construction said they complained of the bad soil texture of the area but were forced to continue building the structure due to lack of additional funds.

“When we reached the site, we complained to the district that the soil texture of the area was not okay. We wanted more money to be added on top of the sh102m for reinforcing the foundation by putting the foundation and beam slab but the district said there was no money,” Adubango explained.

Adubango noted that when the building started developing the cracks shortly after its completion, the district couldn’t even demand for the refund of the money used on the building because they knew the problem.

Paul Ogwang

However, Mr Paul Ogwang, the Pakwach Chief Administrative Officer cast doubt on the possibility of putting up a new Administrative Block for Alwi Sub County this year.

“I’m aware of the situation at Alwi Sub County Headquarters but for now, we have no immediate intervention apart from encouraging the Sub County officials to continue using the staff residence,” Ogwang said.

Ogwang instead said the district will consider constructing a new block for Alwi Sub County in a long run after realizing funding for it.

Locals in the Sub County who are aware about the project are not happy of how the tax payer’s money has been put to waste and are demanding that thorough investigation be done to establish the role played by various individuals before and during the construction of the structure.