PAKWACH. Residents of Pangieth village Alwi sub county, Pakwach district have expressed excitement and sigh of relief after a solar powered borehole was installed in their area by a local non-governmental organization.

Alwi sub county is famously known in the district for inadequacy and inaccessible clean water source.

The African water solution which has been operating in the area for a while said their aim is to enhance water hygiene in the lower parts of the sub county which are water stressed.

Ms Mary Achan, a resident of Alwi said the intervention is a rescue to most women who have been depending on well water and waiting for hours at water point at the expense of other domestic chores.

"We are thankful for this support to the community as women in this village, we used to spend the whole night there in a queue with other women waiting to fetch at the expense of other domestic responsibilities, this is a time saver to us", she stressed.

Mr Charles Onenarach, the Pangieth village chairman said the water supply is a blessing to the household members whose livelihoods had been affected by long walks to fetch unsafe water.

"We are happy today for this milestone achievement, on behalf of the Pangieth village, I want to pledge our support towards this historic service, my humble appeal is to have such bore holes in the whole of this Sub county so that this benefit is enjoyed by us all", he appealed.

Solar water Pan

However, Ms Adokorach Acayo, another water user asked the organization to also train the locals on the relevance of fetching water in clean utensils and covering it to avoid the emergence of water borne diseases.

During the commissioning of the project on Saturday, Mr Elisha Ducime, the project manager in charge of monitoring and evaluation at Africa water solution assured the community of constant flow of water and the commitment of its sustainability to achieve its long term plans of securing clean and safe water to household levels.

Ducime said with the new technology, a total of 7000 litres of water will be pumped per hour to meet the huge demand from both the community and institutions like schools and health centres.

"As we commission this huge project today, it is tested, safe and good to use with its public stand posts that enable you access the clean water source from different taps, we strive to eliminate water shortage that has become historic in this place", he said.

With access to clean water in the district standing at 45 per cent, Mr Benedicto Oweknimungu, the Pakwach district water officer is optimistic of attaining above 70 per cent and emphasized the need for ownership to avoid possible cases of vandalism.

He stressed the significance of promoting clean water hygiene alongside denouncing open defecation.

"The rest of the work is upon us the final users of this water let's embrace it and communicate through the set up water user’s committees, let us plant trees along the taps and wage war against open defecation in all our homes and near the water source", he revealed.