PAKWACH. The Jonam county Member of Parliament has questioned a decision by the government to suddenly suspend the planned construction of seed secondary schools in all sub counties in the country.

Mr Emmanuel Ongiertho who is also a member of parliamentary education committee was responding to the similar concerns raised by district councillors early this week during a district council session.

This follows stalled construction works at Alwi seed secondary without formal communication from the ministry of education and sports.

He said at the parliamentary committee level, they have tasked the minister in charge of higher education Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo to explain the government’s stand on why construction of seed schools in the country has stopped.

Ongiertho blamed the mess on centralisation of contractors who undertake multiple contracts in many districts with less supervision from the government.

"We raised the same complain and we want the minister of education to explain in person but since then she hasn't come up with a report and the situation is worse in Kamuli district where the speaker comes from, we are really frustrated by the delay", Ongiertho said.

He said as a committee, they will appeal to the government to decentralise the contracts to the local government for easy monitoring and follow up.

The councillors said the delays undermine the promotion of universal secondary education at grass roots.

Mr Swaib Toko, the Pakwach resident district commissioner also expressed frustration over the slow pace of the work considering the time frame in the project but called for calm as he expects his office to be notified of the development.

It is a government policy to construct a secondary school in all sub counties where there is non. The Ugandan government received a loan from the world bank in the 2019/2020 financial year to contract 127 seed secondary schools in the country.


The council also passed an Education ordinance which among others will help to keep the children in school.

Ms Dorothy Awori, the Secretary Works and social services said the passing of the ordinance will help reduce child labour among school going age

Meanwhile, Mr Paul Opige, the district education officer described the ordinance as a timely benchmark to be used in gauging performance in all levels in the district.

He said the ordinance shall help in restraining any person from employing school age going children adding that strict implementation of the clauses in the ordinance will address declining academic performance in Pakwach district.