PAKWACH. Police in Pakwach district have arrested three classroom teachers and 31 primary 7 candidates for illegal teaching and attending lessons.

Police say that their activities contravene the presidential directive on COVID-19. The directives among others suspended gatherings and teaching in schools as they were closed and children sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pupils and teachers of Pajobi primary school were rounded up on Monday morning and brought to Pakwach central police station following a tip off by locals.

The district police commander Mr Frank Muzoora said they confiscated teaching materials which will be presented before court as evidence.

"Since last week the community around reported to us why we are allowing the Pajobi pupils study while others are suffering at home, we don’t have any mercy on the offenders, they will all appear before the court", Muzoora said.

One of the arrested teachers (names withheld) said their arrest was precipitated by rival schools and insisted that there was no lesson in progress by the time of their arrest. He called for a speedy investigation into the matter.

"The police came and started arresting whoever was at the quarter without any explanation, all these are allegations, we want speedy results and we believe this is being fuelled by our competitors", the teacher said.

However, Mr Joel Bidijo, the head teacher of the school denied the allegation that the teachers and the learners were teaching saying the teachers converged the pupils to issue guideline on how to answer the recent education materials issued by the government.

"I’m still surprised why our teachers are in detention here by the police, we invited the candidate’s class to give them the education materials after receiving them and besides they were observing special operation procedure", he said.

Mr Swaib Toko, the Pakwach resident district commissioner said the government directive is very clear on defiance of the presidential directives.

Toko said distribution model of the Education materials is very clear and it’s through village chairpersons, he said schools should avoid unexplainable mistakes.

Pajobi primary school is a government aided school in Pakwach town council and is considered the best in the area due to its consistency in Primary Living Examinations performances every year.