PAKWACH. Cross cultural function Uganda (CCFU) in partnership with Alur kingdom with funding from British council is set to protect the endangered cultural site of Wang-lei on river Nile in Puvungu chiefdom.

Wang-lei is said to be the place where great Luo ancestors Nyipir and Nyabongo are said to have separated.

The Luo have reverence for the place so much that an Alur king cannot cross River Nile without performing rituals at the cultural site.

While meeting the Ker Alur leaders with her affiliates from Jonam in Pakwach on Wednesday, Ms Emily Drani, the executive director cross cultural foundation said the five-month project seeks to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and contribute to the preservation of important elements of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Bakonzo in the Rwenzori and Alur in Jonam.

“In the past couple of years, the foundation has noted with concern the negative effects of climate change on Uganda’s natural and cultural heritage, in particular the glaciers (snow) on Rwenzori mountains and the threat to Wang-lei of the Alur people and British council has given us over 38 million shillings for this project”, She said

Rwoth Odong Madir, the chief of Puvungu, where the cultural site is located expressed delight and commitment to provide a friendly atmosphere for the revival of the site in order to boost revenue and cultural identity.

"We are in full support of this generous help, we shall soon organize a meeting and sort major threats to our land demarcated by Uganda railway before it jeopardizes the work progress ", he said.

The site that is located near Pakwach main bridge is among the historical sites in part of Pakwach district that the cultural and a section of political leaders have for long been advocating for to be revamped and recognized by the Uganda tourism board.

According to Mr Geoffrey Onegi Obel, the prime minister Ker Kwaro Jonam, there will be total accountability for the fund from cross cultural function Uganda and will engage government for the recognition of other sites like lunar solar eclipse in Pokwero that attracted millions of viewers across the globe in 2013 but has been abandoned.

He said they intend to use the fund to construct monuments of the two brothers at the site with an axe to symbolise the separation.