PAKWACH: The losers in the recent National Resistance Movement (NRM) primary elections in Pakwach district have rejected calls from the party top organ to step down.

They said this is due to delays in reconciliation efforts after they had heavily invested in printing posters and paying money for nominations.

They also accuse the party of lack of transparency in handling the whole election process with claims that some of the aspirants were preferred at the expense of the rest.

"I want to put this clear, candidates were selected and endorsed by the party leaders both in the district and from the secretariat, it’s from this discrimination that I want to say it’s too late to step down" Mr Richard Orieda, a loser in the district chairperson race said.

He alleged that the voting was marred by rigging and now wants the people to decide their final fate in the general elections.

Mr Ronald Ozinda, another independent who also lost in the district chairperson race wants the entire Pakwach district party structure to be disbanded accusing them of rigging the elections for their favored candidates.

Some of the candidates have set a condition for the party to give them jobs while others want individual meetings if they are to step down.

The aggrieved team was meeting NRM party women league chairperson Ms Lydia Wanyoto over the weekend. She was in the district to try to reconcile the warring parties, a move instigated nationwide to create harmony.

“I have come and heard all your grievances and I'm going to channel them to the party Chairperson who in his wisdom has set and send tribunals country wide to unite before his nomination in November; I’m promising that you will get feedback very soon, for now let's work toward our ideology "Wanyoto said as she also unveiled the official 2021 poster for Museveni.

She asked the grass root leaders to use the logistics accorded by the party to mobilize the masses to vote the party in all the positions.

However, Mr Swaib Toko, the Resident District Commissioner warned the independents against causing confusion that they are NRM leaning.

"We had a reconciliatory meeting with all the aspirants after the election but surprisingly the next day, all of them were nominated as independents; Now I am here to say that my support for you ceases with immediate effect", he warned.

In the district, all the two male rivals to former state minister for finance and Jonam county Member of Parliament are running as independents as well as three contenders for the district chairperson race among others.