TEREGO. The Bishop of Arua catholic diocese, Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki was over the weekend embraced by the resilience of the Christians of Aripea Parish.

The Bishop, however, recommended that the Christians should continue to do more work so that Aripea can become a model parish in the diocese.

“I entered the church, I saw a new church and I said these are the new people, it is your work on your church, so keep it up. I saw new pews, you are now competing with the cathedral, go ahead because it is a good competition. I see the altar area well renovated with nice tiles to give Glory to God, so I want this parish to be a model in the diocese,” Bishop Odoki said.

Odoki was speaking at the parish on Saturday during the ordination of Deacon Denis Munduni into Priesthood and Seminarian Joseph Butele to a Deacon in a function attended by interdenominational faithful within the diocese, Gulu, Kampala and South Sudan.

The Bishop was embraced by the level of resilience in infrastructural development and growth in faith in the parish although it was reopened in 2019 after two years of suspension of pastoral activities due to violence.

“Today we are witnesses of a new Aripea, the old one which used to be with a lot of problems has gone. Let us seek God's help to always do the best, see now the father’s house is transformed,” Bishop Odoki said.

He said what happened in the past should be a lesson, adding that any person who refuses to reform will be isolated as an individual.

“If there are still those misleading the young ones in the parish to misbehave, let a stone be tied on their necks and be thrown into the water as recommended by Jesus so that the sun rise brings more blessings, renewal, prosperity, baptism, confirmations and all what you desire,” Bishop Odoki stressed.

He condemned the behaviour among the parishioners of rejecting priests from other parishes, saying it is what always brings problems in the parish.

“Some people who are bewitched think their children are the only ones to lead them, the church is universal so whoever is sent to you receive and support him, you will see wonders,” Bishop Odoki advised.

The chairperson of the renovation committee, Prof. Simon Anguma Katrini assured the Bishop that a group of local donors formed to facelift the structures in the parish are going to do more development.

Anguma said they became organized after observing that the turbulence in the parish was undoing the good works done by the longest serving parish priest late Mgrs. Dunaziano Bala.

“During late Mgrs. Bala’s time, Aripea parish prepared many youths to enrol into vocations in the church, this immense contribution should not be allowed just to pass by,” Anguma remarked.

The LC3 chairperson of Aii-vu sub-county who mediated the return of calm in the parish with the diocese said the Christians should continue supporting the priests so that they perform their pastoral work well.

The parish priest of Aripea, Rev. Fr. Richard Wokoti said the activities in the parish have motivated many youths to take vocations.

The activities during the ordination, especially the liturgical dancing also embraced Benedetti Nabawanuka of Mityana diocese and pledged to introduce it in their parish.