TEREGO. The corona virus task force in Terego district has directed the case management team to streamline the budget framework needed by donors to offer support for management of COVID-19 pandemic.

The task force was in panic during their meeting last week after realizing that operating without a workable budget after the end of the financial year may cause them to lose support from the Implementing partners in the refugee camps.

The district is under pressure after learning that the neighbouring Madi-Okollo district, also a refugee hosting district, has already complied with the requirements.

The chairperson of the taskforce, Ms Bassie Ajilong, the Terego RDC made the directive because the inadequate resources will make the taskforce to underperform.

“Up to now we are calling these NGOs and sitting with them without a budget? It means we have called our friends to work in abstract, we are only guessing”, Ajilong lamented.

She called other stakeholders to join her and the district chairman to make the budget to be presented in the next task force meeting.

“Honestly, it is you people to help me as the chairperson to prepare a document for lobbying, we can put all ourselves together, bring Ideas together and present to the NGOs who are waiting to help us but without the budget we do not know what we want,” Ajilong stressed.

The assistant chief administrative officer Mr Geoffrey Niku concurred with the RDC that they were under pressure from NGOs to present the budget but blamed the delay on the subcommittee which was assigned the responsibility for taking too long.

“If we are stuck to the resolutions that the sub-committees should meet and harmonize that budget and present to the task force, we would have no problem, DCA wanted immediate proposal, I had to fumble here and there to call the case management team, it was a big struggle, Welt hunger needed risk communication budget, different partners need the budget. I think the sub-committees need to act”, Niku recommended.

The settlement commandant of Imvepi refugee settlement Mr Basikania Armitage attributed the failure to present a budget to lack of appointed committee heads of the task force.

“Without evidence based planning and budgeting, you may not get money from the NGOs even if you come with force but they are ready to offer support once a budget is presented”, Basikania stated.

Terego district chairman Mr Wilfred Saka acknowledged the problem and pledged to handle it.

The district is in a dire need of support after recording more than one hundred corona virus positive cases in the last two months.