TEREGO. One would anticipate that something peculiar is burning and happening behind the scenes when the second district council meeting began on Tuesday at Terego district headquarters.

The council speaker, Mr Casto Olema first appealed for unity among the stakeholders when there was no formal complaint raised.

“Unity is number one in every organization or society; the comments that are coming from outside inform of rumours indicates clearly that there is no unity here even within the political and technical wings, I encourage us to bridge that gap so that we work as a team”, Olema stated.

The room then ran cold when the district chairman Mr Wilfred Saka rose up to the stage relating a letter written to the public service commission allegedly by Mr Mario Obiga Kania to block the approval of the district service commission members.

“This same council laboured to forward names of persons who would be serving in our district service commission, unfortunately our poor politics has caught up with us, this letter is from the secretary ministry of public service, this is like throwing a spanner into the spokes of a rotating wheel”, Saka lamented.

After reading the whole letter to the council, Saka appealed for correction to be done on the allegations faster than necessary as the district is in dire need of human resources where the health sector operates at 43.6%.

“There is a limit to everything; a person can sacrifice at some level but not all the time, these staff are tired, they need additional staff, the mandate or the support needed can only come when the district service commission is actualized”, Saka explained.


In the letter written by Dr John Geoffrey Mbabazi, secretary of the public service commission, the chief administrative officer of the district was tasked to provide comments on allegations made by Kania before the matter is presented to the public service.

The district chairman is accused of flouting council procedures by reading the list of the DSC members from his note book without sharing documents with the speaker and the councilors during approval of the members in the council meeting on Thursday 26th August 2021.

The preliminary review of the submissions to the public service commission also indicates that there were no academic and employment records attached to some application forms.

The missing records were reportedly for Harold Acema, former ambassador to Belgium proposed chairman, Mgrs. Cosmas Alule and Grace Omviru Abale nominees as members of the district service commission.

But Saka noted that failure to provide hard copies of documents during the approval was a requirement to observe COVID-19 standard operating procedures.

Mr Mario Obiga Kania, MP fof Terego East and state minister for Lands claimed that the letter he forwarded to the minister for public service was a complaint from a section of the councilors.

“Let us not be hypocrites, when you approved them, I got a report from some of you, that the procedure you used was not correct, no CVs were circulated to the members, they were not given time to do background checks, even issues of balancing interest groups, there was only one Muslim among the 16 members, this is the report I sent, what wrong did I do?” Kania questioned.

Obiga guided the council to be cautious and conduct council business according to the procedures stipulated in the local government act.

“What is wrong if I tell you my brother that there is lice over your head, go and wash it, it is the problem of the council and the technocrats here, ooh somebody has gone there no, it is your own weakness, this underhand operation and not taking advice must stop,” Obiga said.

He said Harold Acema nominated to be the service commission chairman further complicated his approval after making comments in the opinion section of one of the newspapers about the government on October 03, 2021.

Terego new chief administrative officer (CAO), Mr Benson Humphrey Otim consequently challenged all the stakeholders to bury their differences in order to comprehensively develop and benefit the ordinary people.

“We need all of us, we are in a cockpit, all of us are drivers to move Terego forward, if we don’t perform our roles in a teamwork, we will crush, I want us to have positive competition and jealousy, there is no technocrat more than me, all of them will comply to unite”, Otim pledged.