WEST NILE. A religious sect in Akworo sub-county in Nebbi district blocked the Measles-rubella and Polio immunization campaign, Mr Moses Mwishaka the regional coordinator from the ministry of health for West Nile region has said.

He said countrywide the immunization is going on well but few communities are trying to resist the immunization campaign.

"We encountered a problem from a religious sect in Akworo sub-county that doesn't believe in medication but as a ministry, we are trying to involve the police to ensure that the resisting community comes down and we work together as a team to ensure a successful implementation of Measles-rubella and Polio immunization campaign", he said.

Mwishaka said Measles-Rubella vaccine is a safe and new vaccine that has been added to the 11 existing routine immunization vaccines which people should embrace.

He said despite the challenge in funding, people were showing a positive attitude towards the campaign right from the training of the health workers.

In Madi Okollo district, a few side effects of the vaccines that were mild were noticed but were attended to by the health workers.

Meanwhile, in Yumbe district, the turn up had been overwhelming in the first two days across all schools in the district with no cases of resistance registered.

Mr Muhammad Ali, the district supervisor for Romogi sub-county said the mobilization for the immunization had been very good which made the health workers capture most of the learners in the first two days.

He said Barakala primary school being the mother school with the enrolment of 1970 pupils both refugees and the nationals in the sub-county, they had to deploy two teams of 8 health workers in the school because of the big population.

"We registered three cases where some side effects of the vaccines were noticed in the learners with skin rashes and fever in Barakala primary school but when the cases were investigated at the health facility, the learners were tested positive for malaria and were treated", he said.

Mr Adam Chaku a nursing assistant said their target was to immunize about 860 pupils at Barakala primary school but they exceeded the number.

"Our target was 43 per cent of the total population of 1970 learners. We were able to immunize 1092 children in two days which was beyond the set target for the school which was due to the good mobilization by the teachers", he said.

He said they will use the third day for mop-up so that the children who missed the immunization will be captured.