DEI Group of Industries is launching a first of its kind hand and surface sanitizer that is guaranteed to remove all viruses including the Wuhan COVID-19, the Corona Virus.

DEI has licensed this product from a US company with its patent rights in Uganda.

The product, CovaNil™, is fully compliant with European Standard Compliant EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019 and the US FDA 21 CFR Part 310 for safety and efficacy.

Certification 31 03 20The UNBS laboratory test report for Cova Nil.

CovaNil™ is the first product on the market that will assure that the Coronavirus does not spread in Uganda; the high efficacy of CovaNil™ comes from its proprietary and patented composition in a liquid form rather than a gel, to allow quick wetting of skin, the highest percentage of alcohol, as a mixture of different types of alcohols, as allowed by the FDA for skin use, a quaternary disinfectant that has an electrical charge that allows it to attach to Coronavirus, and a natural antivirus compound that acts as an emollient to prevent the skin from drying.

There are no competitors to CovaNil™ with its claim of 100% guaranteed killing of all viruses including the Coronavirus instantly upon application.

“We are making this product available widely throughout Uganda to make sure that we are able to control the spread of Coronavirus, taking a proactive approach to manage this global crisis.”

This proprietary, patented formulation was donated by its inventor Prof. Sarfaraz K. Niazi in a meeting with President General Museveni on 13th March at the State House.

Covanil group 31 03 20Prof. Sarfaraz K. Niazi (in a hat) poses for a group photo with Speaker Kadaga and President Museveni.