West Nile Web today announced the appointment of Diana Santiago as its Managing Director effective June 1st, 2018. As the managing director, Diana holds ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company, planning and implementation of tactical short-term and long-term strategies to achieve the company’s objectives.

Diana is a far-sighted leader with natural abilities for building new businesses and forging loyalty with clients. She has hands-on experience in identifying and directing project activities and effectively inspiring team work across different departments in order to facilitate the process of production and marketing.

With a degree in Financial and Investment Analysis from Amity University India, Diana will strive to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve service quality while strengthening the crux.

She is a singer, song writer, music trainer and cultural practitioner who loves reading and writing short stories.

She worked with the African Writers Trust, a literary organization, as Programmes Officer. She provided programmatic support to the Director including developing Concept notes, Funding Proposals and Budgets and coordinated the activities of the organization including training workshops and conferences with international participation.

Diana worked with Bayimba Cultural Foundation as part of the team that curated the 2014, 2015 and 2017 Bayimba Festival of the Arts held at the Uganda National Cultural Centre. She also worked with Sundance Institute East Africa in curating the inaugural Kampala International Theatre Festival, 2014

In 2015, she trained as a Cultural Leader with Arterial Network and was consequently elected on the National Executive Board of the Network in Uganda.

In 2016, Diana was part of the team at the Nairobi-based Jalada Pan-African Writers Collective, which translated Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s short story, The Upright Revolution, from English into over 60 African languages.

Since its launch in march 2018, West Nile Web’s team of professional journalists and digital media experts in its Arua head office and resident journalists in each of the nine districts of West Nile have closed the information gap that has hitherto plagued the region. Media experts in Uganda have lauded West Nile Web for their professional, unbiased and news coverage and analysis of socio-economic issues of West Nile.

Speaking of her appointment, Mr. Asega Aliga, Chairman of Arise Aliga Foundation the sponsor of West Nile Web had this to say: “In Diana we have secured the commitment of a professional with the right credentials to drive the ultimate twin objectives of West Nile Web: leveraging the power of youth and enterprise for economic empowerment while aiming at putting the region on the path to digital transformation. Her enthusiasm, charisma and analytical skills combined with her diplomatic skills should enable her to effectively rally the team at West Nile Web and our different publics across the region, the country and globally behind the various programmes the platform shall unveil in the near future”

On her part, Diana accepted with humility the challenge of leading the organisation with such lofty objectives. “The Board has reposed in me great responsibility which I shall only be able to accomplish with the support of the impressive team already insitu. This is a unique organisation that brings together private and public sector actors and civic organisations within the totality of communication science and societal transformation and therein lies both the challenge and the excitement. I am deeply honoured to lead a platform that will not only be a digital powerhouse but also cause change in livelihoods in this fast-developing region which lies at the epicenter of cross-border trade and ever increasing humanitarian activities. My desire will be to set a legacy of excellence, professionalism and innovation”; said Diana.

The new managing director hit the ground running by leading the West Nile Web team at the just concluded Africa Innovation Summit which was held at the Kigali Convention Center in Rwanda. The AIS is an Africa-wide and home grown initiative aimed at harnessing the innovation potential of the continent by bringing together multi-sector actors as well as innovators and thinkers into a coalition for collective action to promote and build an enabling environment in Africa; which is very much in accord with the objectives of West Nile Web.