WEST NILE. The police have cautioned female students to stay away from married men as they embark on the second term holidays.

Mr Jimmy Anguyo Baiga, the West Nile regional child and family protection officer said that although the cases of women battering young girls because of their husbands are isolated, students need to be cautious when they are for their holidays.

He was speaking in an interview with the West Nile Web at his office in Arua town on Tuesday.

Mr Baiga’s warning follows the experience during the first term holidays where up to six female secondary school students were beaten by women who accused them of involving in love affairs with their husbands in Zombo district.

An officer attached to the child and family protection unit at Paidha police station where the cases were registered said most of the assaults occurred at night discos, pubs and football watching centres.

Ms Sharon Aweko of Paidha Seed secondary school alluded that some of her colleagues have been going out with old men in Paidha town and that some of them have ended up fighting with their wives.

She said men lure female students by offering smart phones and fancy dresses so as to have romantic affairs with them.

But John Onen, a student of Charity College blamed parents for some of the mess of their daughters saying that some parents prefer spending money on alcohol than providing basic needs like clothes, shoes and pocket money for the girls.

“For us boys we can persevere even without smearing oil but this is not the case with young girls who always want to compete among themselves when it comes to possession of material things,” he said.

Mr Kennedy Okumu, a father of two students said some parents do not communicate with their children as a result they seek help from other people regardless of whether they are married or not.

Mr Okumu however said most students these days do not want to help their parents during holidays which is very discouraging to the parents who are supposed to give them money when schools reopen.

Schools officially closed for holidays last Friday and will reopen in mid-September for the third term.

ASP Baiga also noted that cases of girls running away from their parents under the guise of looking for jobs while claiming to be orphans were becoming common in the region.

He disclosed that the child and family protection unit had in custody, a 16-year old minor from Katrini Sub County in Terego who had travelled to Kampala under the said excuses.

The girl claimed to be dull in class and refused to attend school, he said.

ASP Baiga advised parents to assert their authority and take care of their children especially the young girls so as to safe guard their future.