DRC. The Anglican Bishops of Madi and West Nile diocese in Uganda and the diocese of Aru in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have outlined strategic partnership as the key to Church growth.

The two prelates, Rt. Rev. Charles Collins Andaku and Bishop Dr Georges Titre Andi of Aru diocese were presiding over the ordination of six deacons and four priests at the diocesan Cathedral of Aru in DRC on Sunday.

“I am so grateful and my heart is full of love towards the actions of Bishop Dr Andi who has sown seeds of love between the two dioceses. I want to appeal to the people here in Congo to continue with the zeal in worshiping God,” An overjoyed Bishop Andaku said at the beginning of his sermon to a thunderous applause from the congregation.

“I am determined and hopeful that this partnership will continue to lower levels so that other staff will continue with it even if it is not always the Bishops,” Andaku added.

Bishop Andaku also praised the officers at the territorial administration of Aru for a warm welcome to the country.

He explained that the partnership between the two neighbouring dioceses began in 2017 when Bishop Dr. Andi visited Ma’di and West Nile first during an ordination service and later to commission fathers’ union.

He said Aru diocese was also instrumental in supporting the celebrations of the centenary of the Anglican faith by giving a bull, two million shillings and a choir group to sing at the June 24th event at Ezuku in Vurra, Arua district.

Ten candidates including Reverends Droma Amaa, Joel Makila, Dramuke Erega, YekaWara from deacons to priesthood and Victoire Bakashwara Kisembo, Francoise Dhani Sazu, Jeannine Ariem Say, Isengi Ubukandi Jean Baptiste, and Odhipio Onviavu were also ordained into deaconate.

Bishop Andaku 17 09 18Bishop Andaku (L) and Dr. Ande have formed a good working partnership. PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU.

Meanwhile the host Bishop Dr Andi said the one year partnership is yielding fruits for the growth of the Church.

“In my general behaviour, I like team work because God’s word is universal and you can’t put yourself in a box. God has given us different gifts and yet you can only grow if you combine all these gifts together,” Dr. Andi advised shortly after the service.

“I have found that here in Congo, people basically give from their pockets but in West Nile, the Church has diverse ways of getting incomes and even companies partner with the Church to improve their income,” Andi added.

Dr. Andi said the formation of many lay associations has also strengthened families and the Church in Madi and West Nile, something his diocese will embrace and encourage.

The leader of the fathers’ union in Ma’di and West Nile Canon Onesmus Dralega travelled in Bishop Andaku’s team at the request of Bishop Andi.

Fathers union is a Church association that is not widely spread out and Canon Dralega was in Aru to train his counterparts with the ultimate aim of starting the same in Aru diocese.

Bishop Andi said men had been few in the Church and giving excuses but stressed that starting the fathers’ union association in his diocese will improve the trend.

Apart from the delegation from Ma’di and West Nile, there were also other delegations from Nebbi diocese and missionary organizations drawn from different regions of DRC at the function. Three of the ten ordained were women.