ARUSHA. Local leaders of the designated Obongi district have been advised on better techniques of urban planning.

The leaders were asked to constitute both village and sub county planning committee members whose role will be to approve and implement detailed plans for urbanization.

The appeal was made by Mr Tabu Butagira, an expert in urban planning and the Managing editor of the Monitor publications newspaper in Kampala, Uganda.

Tabu was addressing the leaders of Obongi at City Link hotel in Arusha, Tanzania over the weekend.

The meeting was held shortly after the tour of Arusha by the leaders as part of the activities to mark Obongi day 2018 which is slated to take place on December 16, 2018 in Obongi town.

Tabu noted that the greatest challenge facing urban planning in Uganda is politics.

He said urban planning in Uganda has been politicized yet it is a very important aspect of development since planners make decisions on land which is a limited resource.

According to Tabu, the 2010 fiscal planning act which replaced the 1964 act, the whole of Uganda has been declared inception free; meaning that nobody should undertake a fiscal development plan with the approval of the local planning committee.

Tabu Butarira 04 12 18Mr Tabu Butarira addressing the leaders of Obongi at Hotel City link in Arush, Tanzania.

He told the delegates to start planning strategically because Obongi has the potential of becoming one of the best towns in Uganda given its strategic location which is close to River Nile.

Meanwhile Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, the area Member of Parliament and the organizer of the tour said the trip was aimed at equipping the leaders with better planning techniques for towns in Obongi district that is slated to commence on July 1, 2019.

He said the towns in Obongi should not grow by mistake but rather through good planning mechanism.

After the tour, the local leaders also attended the 20th summit of the East African community in Arusha.

Mr Gregory Drale, an elder in Obongi said during the summit, he was able to learn about the aspect of one people, one destiny which he asked the people of Obongi to emulate.

Mr Abdul Aziz Mustafiric, the Moyo district assistant engineer said during the tour, he was keenly observing the plans of the roads, environment, industrial areas and recreational centres among other things.

He noted that all the roads, lagoons, street lights, drainage, and piped water systems are well planned as opposed to the ones in Uganda.

Mustafiric also observed that the garbage management system of Arusha is so good that Obongi officials should think of investing money in such projects.