WEST NILE. Members of Parliament on government assurance and implementation committee have expressed unhappiness about the poor state of roads in Nebbi and Pakwach districts.

The committee, led by its Chairman Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo is currently on a fact finding mission in the West Nile region which has seen them begin from Pakwach and will end in Adjumani later in the week.

The committee is also looking into the unfulfilled pledges the government has made to the people in the region.

The members were particularly concerned that the roads, both under the central and the local governments are all in poor state despite local governments having brand new road equipment.

Mr Fungaroo said the poor state of roads and unreliable electricity puts the region at a competitive disadvantage compared to other regions in the country.

“If we have poor roads and unreliable electricity in the region, there is no way we can develop like other regions” he lamented.

He said very many unfulfilled promises were made on roads and electricity by president Yoweri Museveni during his campaigns in the region, but none of them were fulfilled up to-date.

He added that Nebbi- Goli-Jukia road which the president pledged to tarmac has remained undone though feasibility studies have been conducted.

Mr James Kubi, an assistant engineering officer in Nebbi said out of 276 km district roads, only 200km is motorable while the rest are in bad shape with broken bridges.

He gave the example of Alala Bridge that would connect the community of Abongo to DR Congo and boost trade between the two countries but has remained in sorry state due to poor funding.

Nebbi district has a total road network of 535km of which 276.0km are district roads and 259.1km are community access roads.

Mr Franco Onencan, one of the businessmen in Nebbi town complained to the legislators that they sometimes fail to reach the market during rainy season because they get stuck with merchandise on the muddy roads.

While in Pakwach district, the committee noted that their data showed that Mr Museveni had promised to tarmac Pakwach-Wadelai road connecting to Rhino Camp up to Dufile as well as extending electricity for Ginnery in Rhino Camp to enhance cotton production but the pledge is still pending implementation.