YUMBE. Khalisa Developments (U) Limited, a construction company that undertook a project at Barakala primary school in Yumbe district is to be recalled over shoddy work.

Save the children contracted a multi million project with funding from German government through KFW to Khalisa development limited but multiple cracks have developed on the floor and walls of the structures.

A team of officials from Office of the Prime Minister (OPM),Ministry of Education and sports as well as ministry of water and environment (MWE) during a joint monitoring on Friday queried the works done by the contractor saying it's substandard.

The structures that were constructed under the program include 3-classroom blocks with 9 classrooms, 2-blocks of ventilated improved pit latrines of 5stances each, 2-units of staff accommodation and kitchen.

Mr Patrick Nyathingu the engineer of save the children said the cracks are minor and promised that they will be corrected.

"We are going to call the contractor back to come and do corrections on the structures that have developed cracks but if the contractor (Khalisa development limited) fails to come back, we shall get a different contractor to finish the work", Nyathingu said.

"In contract management, you are not supposed to pay all the contract sum to the contractor, so we had decided to retain 10 per cent of the contract sum that will be able to finish the work", he added.

He said they have a plan of changing the floor of the classrooms by putting tiles so that it lasts longer.

But Mr Henry Akena, an official from ministry of water and environment said the 10 per cent of the retained money would not be enough.

"I doubt whether the retained money would finish the work because the contractor has to demolish the concrete materials and bring in fresh materials including other expenses. So when you talk of 10 per cent, you will definitely know that there will be a problem. Let's try to do right projections because there is no supplementary budget for this project", he said.

Mr Godfrey Kania, the under-secretary in refugees and disaster management in OPM tasked the head teacher to ensure close Monitoring of such construction projects.

"You are the first person as a beneficiary (head teacher) who would help us in monitoring and raising the red flag about any problem that may arise at a construction site. So the contractor is coming back and help us to report in case of any issue and we shall continue to come and check on the progress", he said.

Mr Godfrey Kania

"Generally I have seen the structures have problems like the curtain walls of the latrines and any time they may collapse, so they need to be cured but if they are not done, I don't see the facilities lasting for a long period of their design life", he added.

But Mr Mohammed Angoliga, the head teacher of the school said "We started monitoring this project at the start up to its completion but the contractor was not compliant on areas of weaknesses identified in the project coupled with the type of materials used which brought a lot of complaints".