YUMBE. The police in Romogi sub-county, Yumbe district have arrested and referred four suspects to Yumbe central police station on allegation of the kidnap of a 13-year-old girl.

The girl, a resident of Agua village, Locomgbo parish, a primary two pupil of Legu primary school in Romogi Sub County was picked forcefully as she cried and put in the vehicle the suspects were using.

One of the suspects is a resident of Geregere Majan village, Buikwe district(details captured on the ID) was arrested on Saturday at Barakala trading centre with her husband without identification documents and a resident of Lodonga Sub County as they tried to travel to Kampala with the girl.

Meanwhile, the other two suspects, relatives of the girl from Agua village who were behind the deal were also arrested on Sunday.

Ms Kalisum Onzia, the mother of the girl accused her uncle Mr Khemis Anaku and the cousin, Bakole Tair who connived with the other two suspects to kidnap her daughter.

Kalisum who got divorced decided to establish a home about 50m away from that of her uncle and has been staying with her daughter.

She said her uncle and the cousin planned to surrender her daughter to the suspects minus her consent and the father with whom they separated.

"I went to buy some drugs at Embasi trading centre but on my way back at around 8.00pm, I saw a vehicle proceeding to the home of my uncle. Then shortly, loaders started loading tamarind fruits onto the vehicle so my cousin brother started calling me that they wanted to give my daughter to go and stay with the other two suspects in Kampala but I rejected the proposal", she narrated.

"My cousin brother started insulting, fooling me after rejecting his plea but later went to my house and picked the girl forcefully when she was asleep and was forced to board the vehicle," she added.

Mr Mohammad Pagu, the LC 1 chairperson of Agua village said the suspect, without clear identities, had been staying in his village at the home of Khemis Anaku for about two weeks but the wife came at a time when the incident happened.

"I called the man to get details about him but he refused to come. I was shocked when the mother of the girl came to my home while crying seeking for help in rescuing her daughter who was kidnapped by the very man who refused to cooperate with me", he said.

"The issue got me when I was bathing so I dressed up quickly and picked a phone to call the Officer in Charge of Romogi police post to impound the vehicle the suspects were using with their luggage", he added.

Pagu doubted whether the suspects had come for tamarind business because they only bought 6 sacks of the tamarind fruits.

The suspects were then arrested and brought to Romogi sub-county police post before being transferred to Yumbe central police station.

Mr Richard Ozua, the officer in charge of criminal investigations department at Yumbe CPS acknowledged receiving the kidnap case file from Romogi saying investigations are going into the matter.

"The suspects are currently in our detention here at Yumbe Cps. We are still interrogating the suspects and if the case file is ready, they can be produced in court at any time from Tuesday", he said.

Last year, a 16-year-old girl who was undergoing tailoring course organised by one of the NGOs at Romogi sub-county headquarters was taken under similar circumstances but the case died because of loss of interest of the parents.