YUMBE. A section of institutions and individuals in Yumbe district have received Friesian cows under Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

A total of 26 Friesian cows were given out to 10 institutions and 16 individuals.

While commissioning the animals on Friday, Mr. Richard Andama the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) said the beneficiaries have been thoroughly vetted by the committee in the district.

He said some of the institutions and individuals have received the animals for the second time because they had taken care of the previous ones given to them well.

"The animals were given to those who have the capacity so that others can see it as an example from them. We don't want to see that animals given die within 2-3days but they must be looked after like human beings by providing water, feeds and treatment", he said.

He said the people in Yumbe are failing the OWC program in the district because out of over 200 animals given to the farmers previously, a number of them (about 50 percent) have died.

Beneficiaries speak out

Mr Rasul Acema, the teacher in charge of Agriculture in Romogi seed SS expressed happiness over the offer and that it will be used as a learning aid, to improve learners ability to look after cows at home and for milk production that can generate income and improve the diet of the children as well as the staff.

While Mr. Simon Ogwang, a tutor in charge of Agriculture at St John Bosco PTC Lodonga said the college has received the dairy cow for the second time under OWC program and it acts as a reality in teaching the students.

Dr. Nekyon Matinda, the district veterinary officer Yumbe said the animals being Friesian needs a lot of care like weekly spraying against ticks, provision of 30kg of fresh grass and 20-40litres of water daily, provision of salt (rock salt), frequent deworming and vaccination.

"These animals have been given to you and it's your responsibility to look for monies to cater for vaccination, feeds and antibiotics. It's not government responsibility to cater for such expenses", he said.

He urged the beneficiaries to own the animals and not to go far while looking for the animal drugs as they are all available in veterinary drug shops in Yumbe town.