YUMBE. Liverpool fans in Yumbe district have supported Yumbe health centre IV with some clinical equipment to improve service delivery at the facility.

The fans mobilised and contributed money to buy glucometre, blood pressure machines and also supported 122 patients at Yumbe health centre IV with sugar and soap.

The materials and the equipment were delivered during the celebration of Liverpool’s 2019 UEFA champions league win at PRAFORD Hotel in Yumbe town on Thursday.

Mr Sulai Ijosiga, the chairman for Liverpool fans in Yumbe district said they decided to celebrate Liverpool's victory in lifting the 2019 UEFA champions league trophy in a style with a focus of supporting communities in the district.

"We visited patients in Yumbe health facility and supported 122 of them with sugar and soap so that we demystify the thinking that being football fans is a waste of time. We have also realised that our health centre lacks glucometer and Blood pressure machines, so out of the money collected, we bought two of the machines", he said.

He added "since there is a challenge of global warming today, we also decided to improve our environment by planting over 115 trees in one of the streets in Yumbe town council and the authorities have agreed to name the street as "Liverpool street".

The fans also gave five bags of cement to Takwa mosque to support the ongoing renovation process of the house of God.

Ijosiga said they will launch this activity to continue so that other institutions like the churches and other communities can be supported by Liverpool fans.

Mr Badru Wawa the hospital administrator appreciated the Liverpool fans for the offer saying it will improve service delivery at the facility.

He said the type of the glucometre and blood pressure machines bought are of high quality and durable machines which will last longer if well handled.

"We are going to place the machines in the general ward where we have chronic cases of diabetes and we also need to frequently monitor the hypertension cases. It is going to serve thousands of lives and will increase the quality of our service delivery", he said.

He said the equipment donated are key basic equipment in health and the fans thought it wise to buy them because they may also benefit from them when they are sick.

Mr Yassin Taban, the district chairman said people in Yumbe should look at sports as a tool for development.

"We should use sports as a tool for building peace, uniting people and for development. Sports is a big tool in this world and it is something moving the world around and if the youths are motivated to do such activities through Sports, then it's wonderful", he said.

He said individuals can use sports to build their career which can benefit the family adding that if people are nurtured to grow in Sports, they will find that the benefits that return to them are very huge and health-wise sports makes one fit which can reduce cases of high blood pressure and diabetes.