YUMBE. The members of Uganda Kolping society in Arua diocese have been encouraged to conserve and plant more trees.

The appeal was made during the national Kolping world day of prayers that was hosted by Yumbe Catholic parish on Sunday.

Kolping Family Society is a church based Association dedicated to Fr Adolph Kolping.

Speaking during the event, Mr Fred Wakisa, the managing director of Kolping society said the members of the society should protect the environment, plant more trees and use the environment profitably for the current and future generations.

"I want to challenge everyone here to plant trees and be friendly to the environment. I have seen here in Yumbe plants like teak trees and prunes Africana are doing very well, so I encourage you to plant more," he said.

He said the United Kingdom's (UK) national board of Kolping society on 4th, March, 2017 made a resolution that each and every Kolping member must plant 40 trees, so in 2019, a task force will be moving around to each and every region to check on the trees planted.

Ms Jane Alejo, Yumbe district Secretary for social services who represented the district chairman said Yumbe has big chunks of land that have remained unutilized in the district.

"We would wish to appeal to the board of the Kolping society to support the different Kolping groups by opening Agricultural farmlands in the district. Yumbe is supposed to be the food basket for the region due the size and fertility of the land but people are not utilising it for Agriculture", she said.

She said when such agricultural farms are opened, it will sustain the Kolping society and their livelihoods will be improved as the food items shall be sold.

Mr Francis Mayombo, the president for Kolping society said West Nile is blessed with a lot of resources like the rivers and land which is not the case with other districts.

"Kolping in West Nile can be rich and can feed the whole of Ugandan if the available fertile land is put to good use. All we need to do is to embrace work and if the land is put to right use, within the next two years West Nile will be the richest region in the country," he said.

"It doesn't mean that people were not working but people should improve on the methodology and increase the volume of what they produce," he added.

He urged the people to embrace the values of Kolping and work hard to change the world to make it a better place to live in.

Msgr Mathias Miria, the Episcopal Vicar for Lodonga Vicariate said poverty and hunger are the main vices that are affecting the people in West Nile region which he attributed to poor attitudes towards work.

"Our pieces of land are lying idle but you find people doing unproductive work in the trading centres and towns playing cards and chewing marungi. Our people have no love for education, food is scarce in the community, medical care is a problem to certain families due to poverty," he said.

He said there is need for sensitization of the people about their poor attitudes towards work if change is to be realized in the region.

He encouraged residents to emulate the examples of Rev Fr Adolph Kolping who was a poor person and helped the poor due to his strong faith and devotion to work.

Mr Elly Asiku, the MP for Koboko North constituency said Kolping society is growing because the activities the board designed addresses the basic needs of humanity.

"I am aware of the vision of Kolping society in Uganda that of promoting self-help activities with the aim of making the world a better place to live in. You are a strategic resource and in a near future, Kolping activities will be domesticated in our homes all over Uganda," he said.

Kolping 30 10 18Some of the Kolping family dancers during the celebration.