YUMBE. It has emerged that curriculum mapping and interpretation has become a problem among the teachers in Yumbe district.

The education department took the initiative to organise capacity building refresher training for 10 teachers per school for all the 123government aided primary schools in three different venues of Aringa central, Aringa South and Aringa North constituencies to fill the gap.

Speaking during the training for Aringa central teachers at Aringa secondary school on Friday, Mr Adinan Anguyo the inspector of schools said their routine inspection report has revealed that teachers have a problem in interpreting the curriculum.

"We have noticed that teachers are more inclined to textbooks because they don't prepare schemes of work and lesson plans and some even teach without the instructional materials", he said.

He said the assessment is supposed to be the professional responsibility of the teachers in their respective schools and it is a routine exercise which the teachers are supposed to do every day when they enter the class to teach but the Assessment level of the learners is very low in Yumbe district.

"If our community was all of the educated class, our teachers would be in problems because the teachers would be tasked to explain results to them because they are not evidence-based", he said.

Sheik Swaib Alahayi, the district Khadi for Yumbe said according to the Qur'an, the profession the teachers is a profession which can't be doubted or challenged because it has a verse in the holy book.

He said the Almighty Allah put Adam in charge of the universe and taught him with the names of reptiles, mammals, plants, animals among others that is why all these names are categorized in the curriculum from P.1 to P.7.

"You are copying and teaching the names which were taught to Abuna Adam. For that matter, when you are commanding teaching in a class for 40 minutes, almighty Allah sends down Angles to moderate you and in the process of moderation, they check the appearance of the teachers, what they have prepared to teach, the voice, explanation, and truth so that they can take the message for their payment", he said.

He said teachers shouldn't be provoked by the earthly things by saying they need salary enhancement of Ushs 600,000 or Ushs 800,000.

"The senior inspectors can moderate you but your first moderators are the angles because you are going to give lessons which can't be forgotten by the pupils and makes them fear their creator and you would be the first person to be rewarded by Allah", he added.

He urged the teachers to do the needful of what had been assigned to them and deliver it to the maximum for better performance.

Mr John Angulibo 17 08 19Mr John Angulibo the District inspector of schools taking the teachers through the breakdown of some topics in mathematics. PHOTO BY ROBERT ELEMA

Mr Rasul Luriga the district Education officer said for any person to perform, you need to be reminded, trained and inducted on your roles.

"We identified a gap between us the Education office and the teachers where teachers have not been getting an opportunity to interact freely with us and we hope to expect good results after the training", he said.