YUMBE. There is growing public outcry over the poor management of garbage in Yumbe town council as heaps of garbage remains uncollected.

But the authorities attribute the problem to inadequate transport facilities which have made collecting the garbage a challenge.

Danish Church Aid, an implementing partner in Bidibidi refugee settlement recently intervened to collect garbage in the town under cash for work project, but the garbage has again over accumulated at the collection points.

Vendors who sell commodities near the garbage collection site always complain of an irritating bad smell from the garbage saying it presents s risk to their health.

Mr Akbar Chiriga, the LC l chaiman of the area said: "We have over talked about the issue of the garbage but the town council authorities are reluctant about the matter. The authorities always complain of lack of transport facilities yet alot of revenues is being collected from the town but we don't know what the funds are used for”.

Mr Maliki Drakuma the town clerk said the major challenge the town council is facing is lack of transport to ferry the garbage from the collection point to the dumping site.

He said the only means of transport Yumbe town council has is the tractor which has a capacity of two and half tones which can carry the garbage for ten times a day but still there will be a backlog bearing in mind the speed at which the tractor goes.

"For us as planners of the town, we have submitted a proposal to UNHCR under ReHoPE funding to address the challenge and we also tried to put a request to the office of the CAO Yumbe district to allocate for us a lorry which was done but the challenge was that the lorry is grounded”, he said.

He continued “When we made assessment through FAO, a Chinese firm to donate vehicles, the assessment was done worth Shs 36million, but looking at the budget, the resource envelope of the town is a little bit expensive”

He said they are going prioritise the maintenance of the tractor to ensure timely collection.

Mr Swaib Ayimani, the town council chairman attributed the garbage accumulation in the town to the failure of the community in following the bylaws set by town council in garbage management.

"We have been encouraging the residents in the town to ensure that garbage at the shops, lodges and other residential houses be packed in sacks for easy collection and loading on to the tractor but they dump the garbage anyhow. Our road pavements have all been blocked due to poor disposal of garbage in the town," he said.

He said the local revenue town council gets is not enough but the little collected is used to run very many activities such as road opening, maintenance and paying council allowances.