YUMBE. In an effort to improve service delivery, Yumbe district education department has transferred a total of 160 primary teachers, deputy head teachers and head teachers to new work stations.

The final list of the teachers’ transfer displayed on the notice board over the weekend shows that 131 classroom teachers, 2 deputy head teachers and 27 head teachers were relocated to new primary schools.

But some of the affected teachers received the news of their transfer with mixed reactions.

Ms Josephine Maturu, a former teacher of Logoa primary school who has been transferred to Lobe primary school has rejected the transfer on grounds that she has just stayed at Logoa primary school for only one year.

"I never requested for transfer but I was surprised to see that my name was on the list of the teachers transferred. I will remain in my former station but if the head teacher doesn't want to give me subjects, I will stay but if my name goes off payroll, that's when an action will be taken," she said.

Ms Night May Driciru, another teacher who has barely spent two years at her school was equally unhappy of the transfer because she never applied for it.

Driciru was transferred from Odropi primary school in Yumbe town council to Binagoro primary school in Midigo sub-county.

"I am trained to teach in any school but the duration for a teacher to stay in one station must be considered before transfer because the policy says a teacher must stay for a minimum of 5 years in a station. I am going to register my complaint and If it is not accepted, then I will remain in my former school," she said.

Driciru noted that one of the causes of poor performance in the district is due to the rampant transfers. She argued that teachers are not given enough time to settle in schools and as a result, service delivery is not adequate.

Mr Rasul

However, Mr Rasul Luriga, the district education officer said it’s normal to do reorganisation of the staffing in the primary schools, adding that teachers can move for transfers if the appointing authority deemed it necessary.

Luriga said some of the transfers are done on request while other teachers were recommended by their head teachers.

“So those affected teachers are requested to make official handover in their previous stations and move to their new stations”. He said.