ZOMBO. Zombo town council staff will have to endure the inconveniences of sharing office space for more years on account of unpredictable release of funds to expedite the construction of over shs300 million office block.

The construction being financed by the ministry of local government has since 2016 remained at slab level after the line ministry released only shs50 million to kick start the project.

Mr Joseph Ogen, the chairman Zombo town council said on Monday that they are renting the current office block at over shs9 million per financial year.

He said the money the council spends on rent is causing distress to its treasury coupled with thin local revenue base that makes the council incapable of funding most of its infrastructural developments.

"We are relying on the ministerial pledge because as a council we cannot locally finance the construction of our office due to meagre local revenue that we realize", he said.

Ogen said when he assumed office in 2014, the locally generated revenue was only at shs15 million per financial year and there is still nothing much to boast of much as there are strategies to broaden the local revenue base.

He said the ministry of local government in 2014, pledged to fund the construction of the office block but has since then released only shs100 million including the latest release of shs50 million received early this year.

Accord to him, part of the pledge amounting to shs50 million which is already on the council account will help in raising the wall as they wait for more funding from the ministry of local government.

"We shall continue following up the ministerial pledge so that the construction of our office block is completed even though we are behind schedule", he said.

Zombo townThe current office block being rented by Zombo town council at Karombo trading centre.

He continued; “We are not sleeping, we shall continue lobbying and following up the pledge until it is fully fulfilled", he said.

Some of the Zombo town council staff who preferred anonymity for fear of reprimand by their superiors however castigated their leaders for taking too long to follow up the pledge which was made in 2014.

"I think our leaders just relaxed thinking the ministry of local government would just deposit the money without being reminded of the urgency with which the money was needed ", they said.

One said there is need for the town council to create more revenue sources to minimize over dependence on hand-outs.

Zombo town council was created in 2009 when Zombo was given a district status but it has since then continued to depend on central government transfers to fund most of its activities.