ZOMBO. Alur kingdom has taken a step to scrutinize and verify occupants of over 3,000 hectares of land belonging to the king after violent clashes erupted over the said land.

The clashes led to the displacement of over 600 residents and destruction of property worth millions of shillings.

The land located at Pakic in Atyak Sub County had been the king’s hunting ground and farm-land before unverified people started making settlement and practicing agriculture on it.

His Highness Phillip Olarker Rauni III, the Alur king said in an exclusive meeting with security agencies at his palace on Tuesday that he has tasked the prime Minister of Alur kingdom to scrutinize and verify everyone using the disputed land.

“We want to know these people who have illegally settled and fighting over the king’s land because we do not know them”, he said.

The king sought the guidance of security agencies in the verification exercise which according to him will go a long way to return sanity to long standing land wrangle among the illegal settlers.

He said the President has put a ban on evictions but that does not stop him from making preparation to repossess the land which has become a source of dispute among his subjects.

Mr Vincent Ocaya, the Prime Minister Alur kingdom condemned the incident in which he said over 15 huts were torched and property worth millions of shillings lost leading to the arrest of scores of suspects.

“We are not happy with this and that is why we want to know the people who have taken possession of the king’s and selling it out to others”, he said.

He said the kingdom is to liaise with the security agencies to guide and ensure the verification exercise of settlers on the king’s land is peacefully done.

Mr Andrew Kajoyingi, the Zombo district resident commissioner noted that the Pakic land issue has been dragging on since 2017 prompting the deployment of the Uganda people’s defence forces-UPDF to thwart any violence.

Kajoyingi implored the king to ensure that the verification exercise is peacefully done and noted that the President has in the meantime halted evictions of people throughout the county.

He said they are lobbying for assistance with humanitarian agencies to come to the aid of the over 600 people displaced after violence erupted over the land early last week.

“We are actually looking for support from the humanitarian agencies like the Red cross among others so that the displaced people get some basic necessities of life”, he said.