ZOMBO. Lovers of pork and other pig products will have to miss the delicacy until further notice after Zombo district local government imposed a temporary quarantine on movements of pigs followed by the closure of all pork joints across the district.

The directive by the district veterinary department follows threats of the African swine fever that has killed at least 23 among the 70 pigs attacked by the fever.

The most affected sub-counties include; Abanga sub-county, Warr, Atyak and Nyapea.

Dr. Walter Kumakech, the Zombo district veterinary officer told the West Nile Web in a telephone interview on Monday that, much as the number of new cases has significantly reduced, the infection is still active in the district.

“The infection is still active in our community and we call upon members of the community to follow the guidelines we have issued so that the fever is contained in the shortest time possible”, he said.

He said in a move aimed at containing further spread of the African swine fever among the pig population, a remedial measure has been put in place to control movement and trade in pigs and other pig products that saw all pork stations in the district shut down.

Kumakech said there is no effective vaccine against the African swine fever and therefore called upon people rearing pigs in their homes to follow the guidelines issued by the district and also use disinfectants like jik among others to spray where dead pigs have been and those showing clinical signs.

“African swine fever being a viral disease, there is no effective vaccine against it at the moment but we urge our farmers to take other preventive measures like disinfecting the environment where suspected pigs died and also where those showing clinical signs are kept”, he urged.

He said the African swine fever presents with high fever in the infected pigs, uncoordinated movement, vomiting, sudden deaths, bloody diarrhea, and blood spots on white pigs among others.

He warned that routine operation will continue to crack down on people violating the quarantine by selling pork and other pig products behind doors.

“Yes, we are aware there are those violating the quarantine and also selling pork behind closed doors especially in Paidha town and parts of Nyapea sub county”, he said.

Ovon Ronald, the manager Climax pork joint in Paidha town council said they have lost millions of shillings in the sale of pork since the closure of pork business across the district.

pork joint 26 11 19A pork joint like the above has remained closed since the outbreak of the disease.

“We have been badly affected by the quarantine and closure of our pork joint and remember people come here to eat pork and drink beers but now no one comes even when the bar is opened meaning we are missing millions of money,” he said.