ZOMBO. Over 600 residents of Pakic clan in Atyak sub-county, Zombo district who were recently displaced by violent clashes over land have appealed to the government of Uganda to come to their aid.

The affected residents from over 200 households said they lost all their household items including livestock after they were allegedly attacked by supporters of a rival traditional chief identified as Mr Saidi Rashid on Sunday evening.

The residents accused Rashid who is now on the run, for allegedly establishing a parallel administration and plotting to oust Mr Muzamil Olarker, the sitting traditional chief of Pakic and his supporters with the aim of taking over their land.

The residents were on Tuesday presenting their plight before Ora county Member of Parliament (MP) Mr Lawrence Biyika Songa during a fact-finding mission in the area.

During the meeting, Olarker told Songa that they are in dire need of relief aid in form of food, shelter, clothing and security among other things.

“We have nothing to eat and shelter over our heads because this was a surprise attack that has left us completely without anything including livestock,” he said.

According to Olarker, his rival chief sought the help of his other accomplice clans like Pawo to launch an attack on them with a sole motive of pushing them out of their land.

On clarification about the Alur kingdom’s imminent move to scrutinize settlers on what it referred to as the king’s land, Olarker said the kingdom will have to first clarify on how they came to settle on the land and who their predecessors were.

He accused some kingdom officials of meddling into the Pakic land raw and secretly installing his rival as chief despite the king’s letter dated 6th June 2019 that nullified his rival’s enthronement.

“I blame some kingdom officials especially the royal council for all the mess and destruction done on Pakic land,” he said.

huts at Pakic villageA section of the burnt huts at Pakic village following the violent clashes.

The chief urged the area MP to extend their voice to the higher authorities to among others, beef up security because some of the attackers were still being sighted in the area.

Mr Charles Onegi, the area chairman made a passionate appeal to the kingdom to expeditiously resolve the Pakic land dispute once and for all so that sanity returns to the people.

“The kingdom should tell us where we belong if this is not our land because this is the first time, we are hearing that this is actually the king’s land,” he said.

Onegi noted that there are over 800 people affected by the violent land clashes which figure sharply varies from the Zombo Resident District Commissioner’s record of over 600 people displaced after the clashes.

Meanwhile Songa assured the affected people that their plight had already reached the floor of Parliament, adding that the next course of action is underway.

He condemned the attack and urged the kingdom to find quick solution to the clashes and resolve the long-standing rivalry between the chiefs because short of that, another encounter is likely to occur.

“I have already presented the matter to the Parliament of Uganda and I expect a positive response to your plight,” he said.

The legislator donated 5 tarpaulins, posho, salt and soap among others to the affected people who have converged at the home of the sub-county chairman where they live as a community. The sub county chairman is one of the affected persons.

The Pakic land wrangle had been dragging on since 2017 and the Alur king early last week, tasked the kingdom Prime Minister to liaise with the district security committee to launch verification of the settlers whom he said are mostly illegal settlers.

The tarpaulinsResidents open one of the tarpaulins donated by the area member of Parliament.