ZOMBO. The District Police Commander (DPC) Zombo has directed all officers in the district who do not know how to ride motorcycles to learn with immediate effect.

Mr Abubaker Musiho said he has given one month for all officers in the district to learn how to ride motorcycles after it came to his notice that majority of police officers in the district did not know how to ride motorcycles.

"It beats my understanding that some of us do not know how to ride and yet there is at least a motorcycle attached to each police post in the district", he wondered.

Musiho told the West Nile Web on Monday that after all the officers have learnt to ride, they will be compelled to acquaint themselves with driving and also obtain permits.

He said the officers will soon be given a surprise riding test by the traffic officers and those who will fail are going to be given another chance to improve.

According to the DPC, the initiative is for the betterment of the officers who are always in the face of all sorts of challenges.

"I want the officers to have the knowledge of machines they want other road users to have because before you ask a rider to ride well, you as well should know how to ride", he said.

He said he has also tasked every officer to have both riding and driving permits.

"I shall not stop there, I want to also build the capacity of my officers in the areas of ICT so that they are able to use the modern technology to effectively perform their duties", he said.

Musiho said he has offered himself to give the officers one hour of computer training in his office every evening because computer knowledge has become a necessity.

According to him, capacity building is key in improving performance at all levels and it is the reason he is trying to set a precedence.

He said he wants the officers to know how to use the internet and also type their work since technology has become part of almost every task.

"Our new office block will have a computer lab for continuous capacity building of the officers in the area of ICT", he said.

One of the officers who talked on condition of anonymity because she is not allowed to speak to the media said the DPC has done a recommendable work to actually force the officers to know how to ride motorcycles.

" I have been a policewoman for close to 10 years now but I didn't know how to ride because I had not been given an opportunity to learn since the motorcycles are always busy in the hands of men", she said.

She recalled a moment when she looked for someone in vain to ride an impounded motorcycle to the police station and by the time she moved about 100 meters in search of a rider, the owner vanished with the motorcycle.

She said she is now capable of riding any mode of motorcycle and she now looks forward to learning how to steer the wheels.

"Most of these officers you see do not know how to ride and the few riders among us do not want others to learn", she said.

Another officer who equally preferred anonymity said what he wanted most was the computer knowledge which according to him will enable him to acquire more knowledge through the internet.

"I want to buy my own laptop and a smartphone to facilitate my learning process because I have come to learn that those who regularly acquaint themselves with the computer gain perfection", he said.

The officers will by the end of April this year be tested at Oturgang playground in Paidha town council by a team of traffic officers to ascertain their ability to ride motorcycles.