ZOMBO. Mr Ephraim Waringu, the Thebiz of Kebu Rigangi has urged his subjects to value culture and speak their language.

He said this will help to preserve the track and cultural relevance of the Kebu, one of the minority tribes recognized by the national constitution.

Mr Waringu was speaking during the annual convention commonly known as Kebu Lepu held on Saturday in Alangi Sub County, Zombo district.

Being a minority tribe occupying parts of Kango, Alangi, Zeu and Akaa sub counties, the Kebu cultural leaders feel their existence is threatened by their people getting diffused into other tribes like Alur, Lugbara and Madi.

According to the Kebu cultural leaders, most of their people have acquired names and languages that identify them with other tribes.

The annual cultural convention attracted the Kebu from the DRC, Arua, Bunyoro sub region among other surrounding areas.

It was held under theme “Kebu londa uru”, meaning, do not be afraid, wake up.

“Getting rid of a language is one way of killing a tribe,” the Mr Waringu warned.

The Thebiz said the Kebu traditional institution had written letters to different media houses in West Nile to include Kebu language in their programming, but this has not yet materialized.

“It is one of the ways the Kebu cultural institution wants its language known and spoken by its subjects because they miss out in the different development programs spoken in other languages,” he said.

He urged his subjects who have diffused into other tribes to remember coming back to their roots to strengthen the cultural institution.

The Thebiz also appealed to the political leaders in the district to make a follow up of the petition they sent two years back to the parliament of Uganda seeking recognition of the Kebu Rigangi as a fully-fledged cultural institution.

“If our petition cannot be worked upon because of one reason or the other, we should be made aware because we also deserve the support from the government like any other cultural institutions in the country,” he said.

Mr John Birombo Orwiny, the Zombo district chairman pledged full support to the Kebu cultural institution as well as making mutual consultations with the cultural leaders in the areas of institutional development.

Mr Orwiny also appealed to the people to work hard and support their cultural leader noting that the Kebu were originally enterprising craftsmen and blacksmithing experts.