ZOMBO. Since 2010, some of the key presidential pledges made to the people of Zombo district have not been fulfilled creating anxiety among members of the community.

The pledges were made between 2010 and 2016 as President Yoweri Museveni was canvassing for votes across the country.

Some of the unfulfilled pledges made by the President include; the upgrading of 109km road stretching from Nebbi via Zombo to Vurra in Arua district and the construction of a district hospital among others.

Local leaders said it is for this reason that the district has continued to grapple with poor road network with some almost impassable during the rainy season despite the efforts by the district and the Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) to have them worked upon.

While in the health sector, the population is left to the mercy of Nyapea hospital, a catholic founded healthy facility that charges for its services.

On Saturday, the district chairman, Mr John Birombo Orwiny sent President Museveni a letter through the first Deputy Prime Minister, Gen Moses Ali reminding him of the unfulfilled pledges he made to the people of Zombo.

According to Orwiny, the people of Zombo deserve better road networks and a district hospital considering the overwhelming support the ruling NRM government enjoys in the district.

“When it comes to voting, this district is bird nest for the NRM and almost all our political leaders are NRM diehards but this is a population without even a single health center IV. Kindly remind the President that the people who voted him overwhelmingly are running out of patience,” Orwiny said.

He also reminded Gen Ali that Zombo district has applied for the elevation of Paidha town council to a municipal status which has not been approved yet.

Orwiny said every requirement has been met to qualify Paidha town council to attain municipal status.

But in response, Ali assured Orwiny that he will take the concerns to President Museveni since the task is part of his assignment.

“I will inform the president as soon as possible because this is part of my duty,” Ali said.

The deputy Prime Minister was on Saturday in Zombo to represent President Museveni as the chief guest during the golden jubilee of St. Peter’s college Warr Girls.
Reports from the district indicate that the design for the 109km road was completed last year and that it is only left with funding from government to have it tarmacked.