ZOMBO. Lightening has struck Arago primary school in Jangokoro sub county Zombo district leaving at least 40 pupils injured and 9 in critical condition.

The lightening struck at around 3pm amidst heavy rains while the learners were in class.
The most affected classes include; Primary four, five and seven.

The critically injured have been rushed to Nyapea hospital including the head teacher Mr Primo Wapokra.

Mr Albert Opio, one of the teachers who witnessed the incident said the occurrence is the first of its kind and no major destruction was done to the building.

"I was in primary one classroom scheming my lesson when I heard a deafening thunder followed by alarm made by the pupils and rushed out immediately and I found the head teacher including learners lying unconsciously," he narrated.

Opio said the incident is likely to scare away learners since they are no precautionary measures put in place to prevent another reoccurrence.

"I expect a drop in school attendance in the following weeks since learners are visibly afraid," he said.

He called upon the district leaders to install lightening arresters in the school to avert future destruction.

Ms Lilian Arach, one of the parents who rushed to the school for rescue said they gave first aid to pupils who were in critical condition.

She said with other teachers, they called the district chairman and the resident district commissioner who dispatched the police and the ambulance for rescue.

"These pupils were going to die if we didn't come as soon as we heard the thunderous bang in the school", she recalled.

The chairman Zombo district Mr John Birombo Orwiny told the West Nile Web in a telephone interview that the school should have installed lightening arresters but not wait for the district to do that.

"The school construction committee should have handled the issue of lightening arresters but now it is a sad moment", Orwiny said.

He said the district leadership will ensure all schools install lightening arresters to avoid future destructions.

However some of the schools in the district had their lightening arresters vandalized by unknown people who believe the installation is done with high valued minerals stuck under the rod.

The act has left most schools at the mercy of God in case lightening strikes.

When the West Nile Web visited Arago primary school after the incident, hundreds of pupils from neighbouring schools had gathered in the school to witness what had happened to their colleagues. The afternoon rain characterised with heavy winds also blow off the roof of a classroom.