ZOMBO. The Member parliament for Nebbi Municipality Mr Hashim Sulaiman has filed a notice of appeal to the appellant court in Kampala in protest of the Arua high court ruling that ordered for fresh parliamentary election in his constituency.

The Arua high court on 2nd May 2019, delivered a judgment that nullified Hashim’s election as the Nebbi municipality Member of Parliament on grounds that he lacked the required level of Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

Voters in Nebbi municipality were already in high gear awaiting a date to be communicated by the electoral commission; but Hashim’s notice of appeal received by the Court of appeal of Uganda on 8th May 2019 according to his lawyers M/s Okecha Baranyanga & Co Advocates gives their client space to remain in office as they battle the matter in court.

While addressing a crowd of his supporters at the Mayor’s garden in Nebbi town on Sunday after the street match, Hashim assured his supporters and opponents that he is still their area member of parliament following his appeal against the Arua High Court ruling.

“I told the Arua court on the day they delivered their judgment that I would be appealing against their ruling and I have done it and more so the high court will take at least 18 months to make their judgment”, he said.

According to Hashim, the so-called error in his name; Suleiman instead of Sulaiman, was not his fault and reiterated that it is now the court of appeal to ascertain the authenticity of his academic papers which he genuinely acquired.

Mr Hashim Suleiman2 14 05 19

He called for calm among his supports saying he stands for peaceful coexistence that is why they have sought the attention of the court of appeal to address their grievances.

“We have a lot of complaints about names because writing other people’s names is also affected by dialect and it couldn’t have been that serious but am sure the issue is just more than names they have other agenda against me”, he said.

He also displayed his original academic transcripts and appeal notice before the crowd saying court does not make someone a member of parliament but the voters.

Similarly, the Mayor Nebbi municipality Mr Geofrey Ngiriker implored both parties to accommodate each other despite their divergent political ideologies.

He called upon the people of Nebbi not to only focus on politics but also see how best they can do their businesses and unite for a common course.

“I know politics has become the talk of everyone in this town but I want to request our people to remain calm and work hard to eradicate poverty in their homes.

Attempts to reach Hashim’s opponent Mr Robert Onega were futile as our frequent calls went unanswered.

Since the Arua High Court delivered its judgment early this month, a rift has been created between the followers of the two opponents.