ZOMBO. Paidha town council sitting on Friday approved the elevation of Dwonga aid post in Dwonga ward to health centre II and its eventual operationalization.

According to the councilors, upgrading the facility to health center II will make significant improvement in health service delivery to the population in its catchment area.

In the motion moved by Ms Cynthia Kirunda, the Paidha town council vice chairperson during a fully parked council sitting, she said uplifting Dwonga aid post to health centre II will decongest Paidha health centre III that is faced with ever increasing number of patients.

"The overwhelming number of patients seeking health services at Paidha health centre III has greatly affected the quality of health services at the facility", the motion reads in part.

Kirunda argued that Dwonga aid post is intermittently used for immunization and such under usage may cause dilapidation to the structure hence loss of value for money.

She said the move means that the people who have been traveling over 3kms to Paidha health centre III will now access health services that are brought closer to them.

Mr Jimmy Olony, the chairman social services committee Paidha town council who seconded the motion said upgrading Dwonga aid post to health centre II will capture patients from the Democratic Republic of Congo because health has got no borders.

"We shall have done a good service to our population by upgrading Dwonga aid post to health centre II because apart from bringing health services closer to the people, we shall have captured our brothers and sisters from across the borders", he argued.

Ms Flavia Kitu, a resident of Omua ward neighbouring Dwonga where the facility is located commended the councilors who have in their wisdom approved the elevation of the facility to health centre II.

"We have been suffering a lot by moving with children on the back to Paidha health centre III to treat minor sicknesses like malaria and headache. I'm happy this is going to stop," she said.

Kitu implored the authorities to expeditiously work on the operationalization of the facility as a health centre II so it doesn't take years to bring health services closer to the people.

Located about 3kms East of Paidha town, Dwonga aid post was constructed in 2008 to administer first aid to patients but the facility has since then been turned into an immunization unit.