ZOMBO. Zombo district youth council and selected farmers have received 46 heads of dairy cattle in fulfillment of the presidential pledge and initiative for poverty eradication.

The president last year also gave the district youth council leaders in Zombo14 heifers for milk production but five died due to purported negligence while the remaining nine are reportedly serving their purpose.

Of the 46 heifers, eighteen went to youth leaders including the NRM youth league while some 28 selected farmers took the rest.

The categories of youth leaders that received the heifers include; 9 youth councilors, two youth councilors (male and female) and 5 NRM youth league members.

Mr Sadik Onencan, the district youth council chairman and a beneficiary commended the government for its commitment towards economic empowerment of the people but also called for intense training of the beneficiaries on how best they can manage the animals.

“Five heifers died last year on account of negligence resulting from knowledge gap and if this is not addressed, more are likely to perish”, Onencan warned.

According to him, animal rearing is a profitable venture and some of the beneficiaries of last year have already started selling milk.

“The cow I received last year is now giving me at least 15ltrs of milk because I take good care of it and it is only negligence that I see is the major challenge”, he said.

OnencanMr Onencan, (L),receives ropes as a symbol for the heifars from Mr John Birombo the LCV Chairman of Zombo. PHOTOS BY BRUNO MANANO

While handing over the heifers to the beneficiaries at the district headquarters on Monday evening, the district chairman Zombo, Mr John Birombo Orwiny warned the beneficiaries against any attempt to sell or slaughter the Animals.

He advised the beneficiaries to take advantage of the heifers to improve on their household income and eventual poverty eradication.

“I should not hear someone has sold or slaughtered his or her animal because this will tantamount to sabotage of government program”, Orwiny warned.

The chairman further advised the beneficiaries to seek the services of the agricultural extension officers in the various sub counties to keep their animals healthy so that the intended objective for supplying the animals is realized.

The animals were in fulfillment of the presidential pledge made during last year’s youth day celebrations held in Bundibugyo district.