ZOMBO. Residents of Ngia village in Pagei parish, Warr Sub County in Zombo district were on Monday left in shock after a woman identified as Ms Agnes Acen, 47 committed suicide by hanging following the death of her brother’s son.

The death of Agnes Acen according to the local leaders brings to 6 the number of people from Pagei parish who ended their lives by suicide since December last year.

Acen hanged herself on a tree using her piece of cloth on Sunday evening after the body of a 2-year-old child, Albert Mugisha son to Mr Collins Tekakwo of the same village arrived from Agiermach health centre III.

Sources privy to the bereaved family said Mugisha had been admitted to Agiermach health centre III with acute malaria which he succumbed to on Sunday night but on arrival of the body home, Acen was deeply perturbed, a reason almost everybody in the area believes led to her committing suicide.

However, some members of the community stirred fury after they alleged that Acen could have been murdered and later put to appear as if she committed suicide.
Residents who went on a search for her after her disappearance found her body had already fallen from the tree where the broken piece of cloth (kitengi) was still hanging.

Officers from Warr police station who went to the scene dismissed the allegation that Acen could have been killed by unknown people and explained that the body of the deceased had all the signs of suicide.

One of the officers who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media warned some section of the members of the community against inciting violence by claiming that the deceased was murdered.

“We shall come for you to tell us how she was killed if you do not stop giving wrong comments over this death”, the officer warned.

The police after the post-mortem handed over the body to the relatives for burial.

Mr Charles Odong, the secretary Social Services Warr Sub County noted with concern that the incident is not first of its kind but the 6th since December.

He said this is worrying and called on the government and its partners to find ways of helping people in the area through counselling to minimize cases of suicide.

“This is serious because it is the only parish in Warr Sub County we are registering cases of suicide over what could have been avoided”, he said.

Odong also appealed to the residents to give their lives to God in order to exercise self-control in the face of adversities.

The latest incident was in May this year when a disabled boy identified as Geoffrey Oryem also committed suicide by hanging after his grandmother reportedly told him to carry his own water for bathing.