ZOMBO. Premised on non-productivity of the youth in the district, the chairman Youth council Zombo has called for allocation of funds to help in sensitising the youth on responsible livelihood.

Speaking to the West Nile Web on Thursday, the Zombo district youth Chairman Mr Sadik Onencan said whatever unthinkable things the youth do has so much to do with their attitude.

He said there is a number of government development programs including among others, the youth livelihood fund, the Uganda Women entrepreneurship program and the operation wealth creation (OWC) all geared towards economic empowerment but there is nothing to show on the side of the youth.

He said the youth are not developing on account of their false love and desire for white collar jobs which most of them do not even qualify for.

According to him, the youth have resorted to sitting idle by the road expecting someone to give them money.

He says the situation on ground calls for a specific program that will enable young people change their attitude towards work.

He said if well counselled through intense attitude change campaign, the youth will be able to change for the better.

"Am going to meet the district leadership to ensure some money is put aside for a campaign meant to change the wrong attitude of the youth," he said.

While addressing key stakeholders recently during a meeting at the district headquarters, the chairman Zombo district Mr John Birombo Orwiny similarly called for a change of attitude not only among the youth but also the adults.

Orwiny said people want good things but hate hard work, an attitude that has kept them behind.

"Our people in general need a change of attitude because the people want government to do something for them but do not think of doing something for themselves without the help of the government," he said.

One of the beneficiaries of the youth livelihood program, Mr David Onen from Akwerali group in Akaa sub county said most group members have divergent views, reason for the disintegration of most groups under the youth livelihood program.

"I agree with the youth chairman because most of the youth do not know what they need in life and most groups have divided among themselves the money meant for their enterprise”, he said.

Zombo has over shs500 million to give to the various youth groups despite having received over shs200 million in the previous years.

The district in the financial year 2016/2017 was third in the country in recovery of the youth livelihood money.