ZOMBO. As Zombo district prepares to celebrate the Day of the African child, the district leadership has warned parents and care takers against heinous behaviors that expose children to danger.

Zombo district will commemorate the day at Adusi child development center in Akaa Sub County on June 16, 2018 under the theme: “Leave no African child behind development.”

In an interview with West Nile Web on Monday, Mr Isaac Lulaba, the Zombo resident district commissioner (RDC) said the focus of the day will be on the role of parents, caretakers and other stakeholders in ensuring proper upbringing of children.

But he warned parents and caretakers against practices that infringe on the rights of children thus affecting their future.

According to Lulaba, the laxity of parents and caretakers in controlling their children has forced many to throng disco places where their rights end up being violated.

“It is the sole responsibility of the parents to guide and protect their children and as we prepare to celebrate the day, let us remember that children are the future of our society just as young trees are the future forest,” Lulaba said.

Ms Joan Giramia, the Zombo district vice chairperson said the government is committed to the welfare of the children as enshrined in the constitution of Uganda.

She called upon parents to fulfill their responsibility in the upbringing of their children since they are the rightful people to determine the future of the children.

Meanwhile the Project director Adusi child development center, Ms Monica Lekuru said the Day of the African child is celebrated annually to probe into the issues affecting the holistic development of children.

Lekuru said a child should belong to the society if they are to get communal guidance unlike today where children belong to their biological parents making it hard for the community to guide them.

Similarly Rev. Fr. David Kumakech, the Managing director of Devine Mercy Babies’ home in Paidha town council explained that the biological family is the best place for a child’s upbringing on account that it is where a child finds love, acceptance and learn the cultural values of the society.

According to Fr. Kumakech, institutionalized care giving centers like babies’ homes and orphanages should be the last resort for a child.

“We have broken families devoid of love, harmony and forgiveness that is why staying with relatives and in the streets is preferred by most children and a town like Paidha does not deserve to breed street kids,” Kumakech said.

The Day of the African child dates back to June 16, 1976 when students in South Africa took to the streets in protest of the deteriorating standard of education and wanted to be taught in their mother tongue during the apartheid regime.

Consequently, some of the students were shot by the police as they tried to quell the protest.

It is for this reason that the then Organization of the African Union (OAU) now the African Union (AU) made a declaration that the day be celebrated annually in commemoration of the students who perished in the 1976 protest in Soweto, South Africa.