ZOMBO. The headteacher Charity College Paidha, Zombo district Mr Andrew Olweny has said his school is willing to return to the regional coca-cola tournament following a three-year ban imposed by the secondary school headteachers association in 2014.

The school was banned after it fielded in non-students to participate in the post-primary school football tournament during their match with Jangokoro seeds secondary school then.

The headteacher Jangokoro seeds secondary school then wrote a protest letter to the association of secondary school headteachers complaining of the mercenaries fielded by its rival Charity College.

This prompted the association to launch an investigation that found Charity college guilty and its subsequent ban.

Olweny said the school is to pay over shs15 million after serving a ban that expired three years ago.

He revealed this during the school sports day and welcome party for senior 1 and 2 held at the school on Saturday.

"We have a challenge because it is a lot of money that we are to pay before making a return to the tournament", he said.

He said the students are not happy with the ban which he believes has killed a number of talents since 2014.

"This ban was also given verbally and our students are not happy about it", he said.

The headteacher also appealed to Paidha town council authorities to help them in negotiating for their return with the headteachers association so that the available talents are nurtured as well.

But Mr Raphael Ongom who is the chairman sports under the association and also the headteacher Paidha seeds secondary school said they are willing to lift the ban if Charity college can remit the sports funds that have accumulated since 2014.

He said the association of headteachers had several meetings with the administration of Charity college to have the ban lifted but the school has been non-responsive even after the money it is to pay was trimmed to about shs5 million.

" Returning to the tournament is entirely on the school and it is the one blocking itself even after the ban expired three years ago ", he said.

Ongom also denied claims by the headteacher Charity college that the ban was verbally communicated and said the ban was formally given and signed.

He recalled that the ban was only on football but the administration of Charity college decided to stop its students from participating in other sporting activities like netball and athletics.

"With this, you cannot say we are killing talents when the ban was only on football", he said.

He said the disciplinary measures have significantly minimized cases of indiscipline and hooliganism in sports for the last two years.

This is not the first time that sports authorities in the district ban a school for unsporting practice, in 2015, St Aloysius College Nyapea and Excel College Paidha were banned over indiscipline cases but were later readmitted after serving their penalties.

Students 29 07 19Students of Charity college Paidha pray during one of their prayer sessions at the school.