ZOMBO. Zombo district health department has made a proposal of over shs300 million for the construction of a single storied maternity ward at Paidha health III in Zombo district. 

The proposal comes in the wake of mounting pressure on the available but small maternity ward with a shocking capacity of 9 beds.

Records at Paidha health centre III indicate an average number of over 100 deliveries per month.

Dr Mark Bramali, the district health officer (DHO) Zombo said the proposal that comes during the planning cycle seeks to decongest the current maternity ward at the facility.

"We have come up with that proposal which is now before the council for approval and we hope that will be done to help lessen some of the challenges there", he explained.

Bramali said they are looking towards the next financial year to have the proposed ward constructed given the available funds.

Ms Fides Thiwe, an enrolled midwife who spoke on behalf of the maternity in charge said the proposed ward will bring relief and good practices.

She said in the meantime, waiting mothers and neonates (newly born babies) including sick expectant mothers share one room which compromises good medical practice.

Thiwe said the absence of the general and isolation wards exposes the mothers and their new born babies to cross infections.

"We have some mothers here with complications like sepsis that needs isolation but we can't do that because we don't have the space even the anti natal care room is too small for mothers who come to this facility", she said.

Ms Annet Chanrach, a mother to a newly born baby said the available space at maternity ward is unbelievably small and yet the ward is busy all the time.

She said it was prudent enough for the district health officials to consider a better and spacious ward.

"It is not easy to stay here for long because the place is really squeezed and we have been wondering why our leaders were not giving attention to this facility", she said.

The overwhelming influx of expectant mothers to the health facility has been attributed to its location along the border lines with the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) where people crossover for medical services on Ugandan side.

Paidha healthPaidha health center III maternity ward from outside.