Mr Alahai Vuni commonly referred to as Keringa is the chairman of Yumbe district land board, serving his second term at the helm. He is among the few people who never fled into exile after the fall of Idd Amin’s government in 1979.

Mr Vuni worked as a county Chief of Aringa and Ayivu before the administrative system was abolished. He also worked as a sales manager at the General Motors in Kampala.

Mr Vuni is not a rich man, but has invested in the education of his children, a thing that brings happiness to his face.

In 1990, Vuni survived an assassination from Sadiq Adiga, a self-proclaimed rebel leader, who operated mainly in the present day Yumbe district. He was made a target by the rebels, who believed he was a collaborator of the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) government since he never ran to exile like many others.

He is remembered for risking his life to save lives of many at the main hospital of Yumbe in Kuru Sub County which was an internally displaced people’s camp and stopping the looting of the facility.

Incidentally, the facility is the only remaining government property which was not ransacked.

Early Life and Education

Alahai Vuni was born on the July 1, 1942 to Idris Vuni and Riko Vuni at now Birigonga cell, Amaniri Ward, Yumbe town council.

He started confronting challenges at an early age which would later affect his Education. His father developed an ailment which could not be diagnosed.

But the weight fell on Vuni, who cared for his sick father until when he passed on. He was only allowed to go back to school after the death of his father at the age of 14 in 1956.

He had to share responsibilities with his mother, being the eldest son in the family.

Vuni started his primary one at Gea primary school but dropped out after two years due to lack of school fees.  He transferred himself to Lodonga demonstration school in 1957 up to 1959 and studied up to primary five.

He could not be allowed to sit for the final exams to join junior because he was a Muslim and the school was Catholic founded.

This forced him to shift to Nyai Primary school in Koboko district in 1962 where he latter performed well and went for Junior at Arua Muslim junior primary school (now Arua Primary) where he completed his Primary school.

In 1967, Vuni joined Moyo Secondary school up to 1970 when he completed his O-level.

But he could not continue with education due to lack of school fees since his mother became incapacitated.


In I974, Vuni was employed as sales manager of general motors by his uncles Mr Nasur Okuti and Late Noa Doka, who were dealers of Peugeot luxury vehicles from France up to 1979 liberation war which forced him to flee from Kampala to Yumbe.

But his stay was short lived as various rebel outfits launched attacks against the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) forces from Sudan. He then shifted to Arua in 1981 for a short time before moving back to Kampala where he kept his family in safety.

Civil Service

At the height of insurgency in September 1983, Vuni was appointed the county Chief of Aringa County.

While the verbal communication of his appointment was made to him at 11am in the morning, Vuni was surprised that by 3pm of the same day, he had received his appointment letter and a vehicle made available to him by the district commissioner then, Mr Drani Dradriga.

This was because the appointing authority trusted his abilities to bring to a halt, the lawlessness in the area by the UNLA forces that had made raping of women and killing innocent civilians a custom.

He would be transferred to Ayivu County in the same portfolio when he became a target for both the UNLA for denying them the chance to do what they wanted and the former Uganda Army rebels from Sudan for not supporting their rebel activities.

But in 1993, when the County Administrative governance system was abolished and government went for smaller size units, he would serve in Sub Counties of Kululu in Yumbe district, Aiivu in Terego Arua district, Oleba in Maracha as well as Kuru, Apo and Midigo Sub Counties all in Yumbe district.

He retired in 2005 after clocking the mandatory retirement age of 60 in what he says has been a distinguished service to the nation.

Vuni also represented Aringa County at St Josephs’ College Ombaci Parents Teachers Association Executive (PTA).

He also served as a board member of Yumbe Secondary school and he is credited for transferring the school back to Yumbe from Arua at the end of the insurgency in West Nile region when it had shifted to Arua town.

Personal life

Mr Vuni is devout Muslim with four wives and with a number of daughters and sons. One of his sons is Mr Muzamil Akuma, the town clerk of Tororo Municipality.

Four of his daughters have graduated from various Universities with Bachelor degrees is different disciplines.

The boys have not been enthusiastic about education as the girls and so, he dedicated himself to giving more educational opportunities to the girls.

Vuni treats his daughters better than the boys and it’s to them that he attributes his comfortable life in retirement.

He believes in honesty and hates lies as he only loves the truth.


Vuni is from the Yumbe clan whose ancestral land is within Yumbe town council.


Under his leadership, 68 primary schools were coded though under trees by the government all over Aringa County and today they all have beautiful structures.

Vuni is worried that his legacy may be washed down by the adoption of two curriculum; circular and Islamic in primary schools in the district which has made Yumbe among the worst performing districts in the country.

To Vuni, this profiling is so far, the first reference being made to his life and service to the Nation.