The Family of Rev. Canon Stephen and Mrs Florence Gladys Abuko Gelenga, would like to thank each and every one for making a very difficult time for our family a little bit easier through your tremendous moral, spiritual, physical, material, and financial support, and your thoughtful and meaningful words of encouragement, right from the time Dad was battling in the hospital to his promotion to glory. You brought light and comfort to our family, and took a lot of pressure off of us during this very difficult time. For all these, we are eternally grateful.

We may not be able mention every one of you individually, but would like to give special gratitude the following;

1. The Archbishop of Province of Church of Uganda – His Grace, Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu

2. Assistant Bishop of Kampala Diocese, Rt.Rev.Dr. Hannington Mutebi

3. Archbishop Emeritus/Caretaker Bishop Nebbi Diocese – Dr. Henry Luke Orombi

4. Archbishop Emeritus – Dr. Stanley Ntagali

5. The Bishop, Diocesan staff, and Clergy Ma’di Westnile Diocese headed by the Rt. Rev. Charles Collins Andaku

6. Bishop emeritus – Rt. Rev. Dr. Joel Samson Obetia

7. Bishop Emeritus – Rt. Rev. Dr. Mari

8. The Bishop of Rwenzori Diocese

9. The District Khadi Arua District and Arua Muslim Community

10. The House of Clergy /Pastors’ wives - Madi Westnile Diocese & Kampala Diocese

11. Mothers’ Union/Christian Women Fellowship – All Saints Cathedral Kampala, St. John’s COU Kamwokya, and Ma’di Westnile Diocese

12. Provost, all Clergy and Christians of All Saints Cathedral kampala

13. Vicar and all Christians of St. John Kamwokya

14. Parish Priest and all Christians of St. Paul’s Church Okuvu

15. The Chaplain and Lugbara Community - St. Francis Chapel Makerere University

16. The Provost, clergy and Christians of Emmanuel Cathedral Mvara

17. Emmanuel Cathedral Childrens’ church

18. Mvara Community and Leaders of all the five zones

19. St. Phillips COU Arua

20. St. Phillips COU Koyi

21. Nyangilia COU

22. The Archdeacon and Christians of Maracha Archdeaconry

23. The Archdeacon and Christians of Vurra Archdeaconry

24. The Archdeacon and Christians of Koboko Archdeaconry

25. The Archdeacon and Christians of Aringa Archdeaconry

26. Adumi Parish

27. Okavu Parish

28. Agape Ministry for Christ

29. Scripture Union North-western Region

30. Christian Action For Empowering Church and Community (CAFECC)

31. Anglican Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE)

32. Faith Ministry

33. Ministers and all Members of Parliament from Westnile Region

34. West nile Foundation and its able Leadership

35. Hon. William Nokrach

36. Arua City Mayor and all City officials

37. Office of Ayivu Chiefdom – Mr. Yuma Amuku Manasseh

38. Retired Commissioner of Prisons – Mr. Nafutali Olea

39. The Director of Education Ministry of Education & Sports - Dr.Jane Egau Oku

40. The Commissioner Teacher instruction and development – Mr. Jonathan Kamwana

41. The Vice Chancellor Muni University – Prof. Christine Dranzoa

42. Uganda Christian University – Arua Campus

43. Principals Association of Uganda (PAU)

44. Principals Association Northern Uganda

45. Nakaseke Core PTC BOG, Staff and Students

46. Arua Core PTC BOG, Staff, Old students and Staff SACCO

47. The Principal Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing – Mr. Dranimva Nixon G. Njebo

48. The Management of Mulago Health tutoring College – Madam Keren Drateru

49. Principal Muni National Teachers College – Madam Daisy Aliwaru

50. Mvara Secondary School headed by Mr. Matua Eliakim

51. Muni Girls Secondary School headed by Madam Grace Draru

52. Springs Nursery and Primary school

53. ActionAid International Uganda

54. MEMPROW Uganda

55. Zymatt International

56. The management of KK Travellers

57. Draza Foundation

58. A-Plus Funeral Home

59. Yasmin Health Care

60. DRC Rhino Camp

61. Orient Bank

62. Management of Eagle Air – Captain Tonny Rubambora

63. Emmyways Engineering & Construction company

64. Ayivu Development Association

65. Ayivu Development Agency

66. Arua Business Community

67. All media houses – VOL, Arua One, West Nile Web

68. Arua Hill Football club

69. Onduparaka Football club

70. Mvara - Manya FC

71. Above the Low

72. Fire Eaters Mvara Bodaboda stage

73. Kakwa Community Arua

74. Madi Anyribu/Vuu community

75. Robu pio community

76. Odunyai Community

77. Adumi Community

78. Mutu community

79. Muyenga Bukasa Community

80. Central Organising committee Kampala and Arua headed by Rev. Can Isaac Candia

81. All friends in diaspora,

82. All Inlaws and relatives

May the Lord reward all of you abanduntly.

Florence, Mercy, Mary and Ben Gelenga on behalf of Alibe Family.