ARUA. Outgoing Arua district education officer (DEO) Mr Marino Acia has been hailed for his strong work ethic and dedication as he bows out of public service.

Mr Acia having attained the mandatory 60 years retirement age leaves office after an illustrious career spanning more than three decades at various positions.

He is set to handover office to Mr Henry Wadri, the senior inspector of schools who will act in the position until recruitment is done to fill the void.

Though short-lived as the DEO, Mr Acia has had a consistent career growth beginning only as a humble grade III teacher in 1984.

His quest to upgrade has thus seen him attain a master’s degree as he kept climbing the ladders during his time of active service.

What Mr Acia said of his retirement

I joined the teaching profession in 1984 as a grade III after which I upgraded to grade V, national teachers college (NTC) Muni was providing Diploma’s for primary teachers but for secondary education therefore I had to change.

I started my teaching in Yumbe secondary and later transferred to Adumi; from 1993 the community of Micu secondary appointed me to start the school.

I attained my graduate degree in psychology and administration and later upgraded for my master’s in education management and was promoted as the substantive head teacher for Ordinary level and later Advanced level for the school.

I joined Arua district as DEO in 2014 and it’s only right and fitting that I exit after these many years of service, there is time for everything.

Now I am thinking of opening a small consultancy so that I can help my teachers in research work.

In the local government, there is no time and there are so many deadlines so you have to prioritise, like in Arua there are so many partners and now you have to know who employed you before you prioritise.

You have to do your part even if it means coming here over the weekends, by the way in the five years I have not got any leave, I have worked expressly and I thank God that I was never sick, even on Saturdays and Sundays.


What others said about the outgoing DEO

Martin Andua Drani, principal assistant secretary Arua

We would like to express gratitude to Mr Marino Acia who has been serving as DEO for the last five years and is due for his mandatory retirement.

In the five years he has demonstrated commitment and very high levels of diligence in furthering the Agenda of education in our district.

He has been one of the most dedicated officers in the district who loved his job, he is always one of the first officers to come and dedicate long hours at work. And during weekends he also comes to work and hardly has time for his own things.

Despite his age, he is IT compliant unlike some of the officers who were born before computers and that has taught us a big lesson in the very few years that he has been with us.

The commitment, dedication of long hours is quite very rare and represents the true spirit of public service of which we are all proud of.

My hope and prayer is that younger officers who come on the job should be able to copy and emulate the good example he set.

Swaleh Buga Mayor, secretary social services, Arua district

I want to congratulate the DEO and I think he worked tirelessly to the benefit of the population and the nation

We will miss him because he is down to earth and composed and the next person I hope will suit in the shoes because he has been well inculcated into the system.


Henry Wadri, senior inspector of schools, Arua

I want to thank the DEO, he didn’t have time for his personal work and whatever he set to achieve, and he did within the time he set.

I want to thank him for all that he has done for the department and we shall request that where we need his assistance he will still come in because we still need his assistance in some of the technical areas.

Mr Acia will handover office on Friday 7th February 2020.

Indeed from us here at West Nile Web, we join the local government of Arua and especially the education department in wishing the best to Mr Marino Acia in his next endeavours.