Located towards the Northeastern end of Moyo district close to the South Sudan border, the remains of a nineteenth century military base of Emin Pasha is in the midst of being taken over by nature.


PAKWACH. Amoropi hot spring in Panyimur Sub County, Pakwach district is a fascinating place of interface between tradition, culture and spiritual adventurism.


Known as the food basket of West Nile region due to its fertile soils, Zombo District is also endowed with beautiful landscapes and hosts the burial grounds of the Alur Cultural institution at Atiak Sub County.


Yumbe District was created in November 2000, curved out of Arua District. It was originally called Aringa County under Arua district.


From the date of Uganda’s independence in 1962, Nebbi District was part of the then West Nile District until 1974 when it was divided into North Nile, Central Nile and South Nile District which later, became Nebbi district in 1980.


The old colonial building served as an administrative centre for East and West Moyo under the West Nile district. It was also a civic centre for the people of West Nile.