SPORTS. The West Nile club known to many as West Nile golf club is set to host the Uganda senior golf challenge on the 21st September 2019, club chairman Mr Jimmy Matata has said.

He said the senior challenge is meant for players above 50 years but asserted that many other players will come for the subsidiary (meant for others) and hence an upsurge is expected in Arua because “people love Arua”.

Since revamping the course after close to a decade of inactivity, the West Nile club has quickly reasserted itself at the helm of Uganda’s golf winning the Uganda golf tour tournament in the latest.

The tour involved traversing the country to play on nine courses in which the West Nile club emerged winners in all.

“The purpose of the golf tour tournament was to introduce golfers to the rest of the country and to raise awareness to the public because people think golf is an expensive venture only for the rich but Arua has made it possible”, Matata said.

While speaking during a mini-celebration party for the victorious team at the golf course, he urged more members to join the club.

“This is the only greenery now in Arua that needs to be protected and to protect it needs the numbers, so I urge all people to come and join the club”, Matata further appealed.

Matata while appreciating the support of all stakeholders also confirmed that the mega celebration of the trophy is slated for the 20th September ahead of the senior’s challenge.

Mr Sabo Kamilo, Arua district secretary for finance, planning, and administration speaking as the chief guest thanked the ‘few’ members of the club for keeping the course playable.

“Many people are looking at the open spaces and what comes to their mind is space for building forgetting that this place is already built”, Sabo remarked of the facility that was leased in 1935 before adding. “So, it’s our responsibility to protect the club and the course because this is an investment already”.

Sabo reiterated the call to support the club that has been struggling to meet its enormous expenses in maintaining the course and moving some of its players for competitions.

The cost of transporting players for a competition to Kampala and beyond is estimated well above sh3 million at minimum.

A botched deal with national social security fund (NSSF) saw what would have become a major source of club funds through a multi-million house project all come to no fruition.