• Local chief implicated in illegal logging

    ADJUMANI. A cultural chief in Adjumani district has been implicated in the illegal logging deal of protected tree species.


  • War claimants drag gov’t to court

    ADJUMANI. The high court has granted a“Representative Order for 10 applicants to file a representative suit on behalf of the numerous others with the same claim against the Attorney General.


  • 18 arrested over illegal lumbering

    ADJUMANI. Police in Adjumani district have arrested 18 people for allegedly dealing in illegal logging and lumbering.


  • 200 Youths to acquire skills training

     ADJUMANI. Two hundred youths in Adjumani district of Uganda are slated to benefit from a multi-million skills training project implemented by Cheshire services Uganda.


  • 25-year-old Letio crowned Miss Ma’di 2018

    ADJUMANI. There was pomp and excitement at Adjumani Mayor’s garden in Adjumani town on Saturday as hundreds of revelers gathered to witness the second ever Miss Ma’di contest.


  • Adjumani CAO transfers 56 teachers

    ADJUMANI. In a bid to improve service delivery, the Adjumani Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mr Rogers Bwayo has transferred at least 56 primary school teachers across the district.


  • Adjumani councilors in standoff over pay

    ADJUMANI. The financially crippled Adjumani district council members have yesterday blocked the budget vetting process after failing to agree on the increment of their council meeting allowances.


  • Adjumani District

    Adjumani district was curved out of Moyo in 1997. It was initially called East Moyo County before it became a district. Adjumani District Local Government is one of the Districts in Uganda that has hosted refugees for a number of years, primarily from South Sudan.


  • Adjumani district acquires mordern TB testing machines

    ADJUMANI. Ministry of Health has given Adjumani district a state of art Genexpert machine used in the testing of Tuberculosis (TB) bacterium.


  • Adjumani hospital gets sh128m staff house

    ADJUMANI. The construction of a sh128m staff house for Adjumani hospital has been completed.


  • Adjumani hospital lacks an x-ray machine

    ADJUMANI. Adjumani general hospital in Adjumani district is operating without a functional X-ray machine.


  • Adjumani launches Shs 2bn REHOPE second phase

    ADJUMANI. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has contracted out five new projects worth 2 billion Ugandan shillings......................


  • Adjumani lays shs40bn budget

    ADJUMANI. Adjumani district officials have laid a budget of 40. 1 Billion Ugandan shillings for 2019/2020 financial year.


  • Adjumani leaders excited over USMID funds

    ADJUMANI. Lower local government leaders and the district authorities are excited over the funding under Uganda Support to Municipality Infrastructure Development (USMID).


  • Adjumani malaria cases on increase, says officials.

    ADJUMANI. Despite government’s intervention through the distribution of free long lasting treated mosquito nets to prevent cases of malaria infection across the country,........


  • Adjumani officials struggling to fight charcoal business

    ADJUMANI. The Adjumani district local government is still short of strategies for curbing illegal charcoal trade as the determined traders are still producing charcoal in Zoka and Nyabila forest reserves in Itiirkwa Sub County.


  • Adjumani officials to refund 25 million shillings

    ADJUMANI. Adjumani district council has tasked the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to recover 25million shilling from its employees who have failed to account for it in the 2014-2015 financial year.


  • Adjumani officials, fishermen fight over license

    ADJUMANI. Attempts by the fisheries department of Adjumani to license all people dealing in the sale of silver fish commonly referred to asMukene has hit a snag.


  • Adjumani physical planner arrested over alleged forgery

    ADJUMANI. Police in Adjumani district has finally arrested the town council physical planner who had allegedly gone into hiding following complaints by the town clerk.


  • Adjumani Ranked Best in TB Management Cases

    Adjumani district has been placed in the first position in West Nile Region for its outstanding performance in managing Tuberculosis (TB) cases.


  • Adjumani RDC pledges to end Inter clan land conflicts

    ADJUMANI: The inter clan conflict over land in Adjumani district, North Western Uganda, has attracted the attention of security operatives in the area.


  • Adjumani RDC threatens to arrest parents keeping children at home

    ADJUMANI. The Adjumani Resident District Commissioner (RDC) has threatened to arrest all parents who are keeping their children at home during school days.
    Mr Peter Data issued the threat...


  • Adjumani teachers accused of abetting sexual violence

    ADJUMANI. A section of teachers in Adjumani district have been accused of promoting sexual violence in schools.


  • Adjumani to benefit from shs150bn NURI fund

    ADJUMANI. Adjumani district is among the nine districts selected to benefit from Ugandan shillings 150 billion Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative (NURI) funds.


  • Adjumani veterans eager for ex gratia

    ADJUMANI. The government of Uganda through the Ministry of Defense has earmarked shs500bn for payment of veterans who have not received their ex gratia payments.


  • Adjumani wetland encroachers defiant amid threats of eviction

    ADJUMANI. The fate of over 200 households who have encroached on the wetlands in Adjumani town council is to be determined by the office of the Solicitor General.


  • Aid agency delivers key x-ray machine component to Adjumani hospital

    ADJUMANI. Six years after Adjumani hospital operating without an x-ray machine, patients in Adjumani seeking x-ray services will now be saved from the burden of accessing costly x-ray..............


  • Amuru communities devastated after forceful UWA evictions

    AMURU/ADJUMANI. Communities living on the shores of River Nile in the areas of Fodogonga, Ewere, and Gazi in Amuru and Adjumani districts have been left devastated after a team of soldiers belonging to Uganda wild life authority (UWA) forcefully evicted them from their residences.

    The land in question is said to be part of Apaa game reserve.

    The residents have cried foul over the manner in which the evictions were effected, some allege that they have been in the area since early 1990s and want the government to permanently give the land to them.

    55 year old Benoni Ndema, a resident of Rezenga village said the evictions started on 22nd May with the UWA officers beating and torching houses of the locals.

    Ndema, who has 4 wives said he is stranded and cannot transport his family across the river to Rhino camp where he originally hails from; he also complained of his vast cultivations that needed to be harvested before he can leave.

    LC I ChairmanThe LC I Chairman of Kampala landing site village Mr Khemis Alli speaks during a meeting with security and local leaders.

    Ms Jenifer Ajio, a resident from Gazi, said people fled to “Kampala” landing site village after some were beaten and their property looted by the UWA enforcers. She claimed that the officers made off with property including chicken, Goats, Sheep, cassava flour among others.

    During a fact finding trip organized by lower Madi county Member of Parliament where most of the evicted communities originally hail from, stranded residents pleaded for urgent help.

    “We thank you for coming to see our plight, we have been suffering since 2004 and yet you can see for yourself that we are not bad people, no arms, no stealing and not even poaching, we were born here and we are peaceful people, where should we go now because back in Rhino camp the land is not enough?” Mr. Khemis Ali, the LC I chairman of Kampala landing site lamented during the meeting that also attracted the regional brigade intelligence officer and the regional internal security officer.

    Mr Husein saidi Adu, an elder of the community said due to the harassment, 6 children went missing although this could not be independently verified.

    “The government has promised to tarmac the road connecting Amuru to Rhino camp with the ferry, are these services being brought for animals or for us the people living here?”, he asked.

    Ismail OagamaMr Ismail Oagama, the Member of Parlierment for Lower Madi adresses the aggreived communities during a dialogue.

    Mr Ismail Ogama, the area Member of Parliament promised to follow the matter with his colleague parliamentarians and the relevant security organs so that a peaceful solution can be reached.

    UWA speaks out

    Mr Bashir Hangi, the UWA head of communications said the authority was left with no option but to push the communities out of the gazetted wild life area after they failed to heed earlier warnings to leave the place.

    “We have the mandate to secure the wild life protected areas and we warned the communities to voluntarily leave the place in September 2017, they agreed to leave by March 2018 but some people stubbornly remained there, it’s not a good thing to use force but we had no other option” Hangi said.

    He rubbished claims of looting by the officers “we carry these operations with a human face and with strict discipline, therefore such allegations are not true” he clarified.

    Mr Hangi also said the evacuation would control poaching and save people’s lives from dangerous wild animals.


  • Archbishop calls for peace in S. Sudan

    ADJUMANI. The Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, His Grace John Baptist Odama has called for peace to return to South Sudan.


  • Biyaya SS crowned Adjumani district football champions

    ADJUMANI. Biyaya secondary school (SS) has emerged the winner of the 2019 post-primary football tournament in Adjumani district.


  • Bush burning, tree cutting major environmental challenges facing Adjumani

    ADJUMANI. Local leaders in Adjumani district have identified bush burning and the rampant cases of tree cutting as the major environmental challenges facing the district.


  • CAO threatens to jail irresponsible parents

    ADJUMANI. The Adjumani deputy Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mr Moses Dalil has threatened to direct police to arrest and imprison parents who have failed to provide for their children in the district.


  • CARE receives shs3.7bn to fight early pregnancies among refugees

    ADJUMANI. CARE International has received funds from the United Nations population fund (UNFPA) with the support of the ministry of foreign affairs of Denmark to a tune of 3.7 billion Uganda shillings.


  • Cheshire earmarks sh1.6bn for training women with disabilities

    ADJUMANI. Cheshire Services Uganda, a nongovernmental organization has earmarked 1.6 billion Ugandan shillings for training women with disabilities.


  • Cheshire services donates start-up kits to 300 vulnerable youths

    ADJUMANI. At least 300 youths and women with disabilities (PWDs) in Adjumani district have received start-up kits worth shs644m from Cheshire services.


  • Construction of multi-billion shillings projects launched in Moyo, Adjumani districts

    MOYO/ADJUMANI. About shs5.8billionworth of projects have been launched in in Moyo and Adjumani districts with a call on district authorities against diverting the money for what it's not intended for.


  • Court dismisses case against Adjumani DFO

    ADJUMANI. The interdicted Adjumani district Forest Officer (DFO), Mr Francis Oja is now a free man after the Anti Corruption Court in Kampala dismissed the case of abuse of office against him.


  • Cultural, Religious leaders join fight against HIV

    ADJUMANI. Cultural and religious leaders of Adjumani district have re-affirmed their commitment to champion the fight against the spread of HIV/Aids in the area.


  • Death toll from Measles outbreak reaches four

    ADJUMANI. The death toll of the sporadic outbreak of acute febrile rash (measles) in Adjumani district has reached four after one more person died of the disease last week.


  • Displaced Appa residents to get relief aid

    ADJUMANI. The displaced residents of Appa in Itirikwa Sub County Adjumani district are set to receive relief aids from the office of the Prime Minister (OPM).


  • District council approves creation of new administrative units

    ADJUMANI. The Adjumani district council has approved the creation of four new town boards, three sub-counties and three new wards in Adjumani town council as the urban council strategizes for municipality status.


  • District official on the spot for failing to account for shs 40m

    ADJUMANI. The Adjumani district production officer, Dr Anthony Mugenyi is on the spot for allegedly failing to account for shs40m which he received in this financial year for implementing.................


  • Excitement as Biyaya SS gets a bus

    ADJUMANI. Parents and the students of Biyaya secondary school (SS) were on Thursday filled with joy after the arrival of their long awaited school bus.


  • Expectant mothers shun health facilities which don’t provide incentives

    ADJUMANI. Patients and expectant mothers in Adjumani district have shunned some health facilities which don’t offer them incentives and instead flock those which offer them.


  • FAO injects sh3.6b to support farming in Arua, Adjumani refugee hosting areas

    The Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO) has injected sh3.6b ($1m) to promote sustainable farming by refugees and hosting communities in Arua and Adjumani districts.


  • Fear as refugees study in dilapidated structures

    ADJUMANI. Pupils of Agojo South primary school in Agojo refugee settlement camp, Adjumani district are learning in temporary semi structures which are at the verge of collapsing.


  • Gen Moses Ali warns on recruitment in refugee camps

    ADJUMANI. The first deputy Prime Minister of Uganda, Gen. Moses Ali has accused the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) implementing agencies operating in Adjumani..


  • Gunman murdered in attempt to kill Adjumani Businessman

    ADJUMANI. An unknown gun man has been killed by an angry mob while attempting to shoot a prominent businessman in Adjumani Town, Adjumani district, North Western Uganda.


  • Head teachers urged on performance

    ADJUMANI. The Adjumani district Chief administration officer (CAO), Mr Rodgers Bwayo has urged all head teachers in the district to be accountable and aim at good performance in the course of their duty.


  • Health workers undergoing training on Ebola surveillance

    ADJUMANI. Adjumani district health department in partnership with Medical teams international has embarked on training of health workers on Ebola surveillance and detection skills.


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