• Anglican diocese using dialogues to solve social problems

    ARUA. The communications officer of Madi and West Nile diocese Mr Martin Bileni has said the community dialogues being held on social challenges is an opportunity for the church to id....


  • Bid notice under open domestic bidding

    aar japan         

    Yumbe Office: P.O.Box 20 Yumbe


    23rd October, 2018




    Procurement Reference Number: AARJAPAN/WRKS/2018-19/0026/29/37

    1. Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan) has allocated funds within its budget of 2018/19 to be used for the construction of staff accommodations in selected schools in Bidibidi and Imvepi Refugee settlements, Yumbe and Arua Districts respectively.

    2. AAR Japan therefore invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for construction of:

    Lot Description Location
    1 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    Ariwa SS
    2 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    Ariwa SS
    3 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    Imvepi SS
    4 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    Imvepi SS
    5 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    Imvepi SS
    6 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    7 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    8 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation
    9 Construction of 01
    block of 05-units
    staff accommodation

    3. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with open national bidding procedures contained in the relevant laws of the Government of Uganda. The bidding process is open to all bidders from eligible countries.

    4. The detail scope and description of the work is detailed in the bidding document.

    5. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect bidding documents at the address given below through Mon – Thu, 08:00AM to 05:00PM, Fri, 08:00AM to 02:00PM.

    SENIOR ENGINEER AAR Japan, Yumbe P.O. Box 20, Yumbe, Tel. 0780403011

    6. Properly filled Bids must be delivered to the address above at or before 10.00am on 5th November, 2018. Late bids shall be rejected.

    7. Bids shall be opened in the presence of bidder’s representatives who choose to
    attend at the address above at 12.00pm on 5th November, 2018.

    8. The planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as below;

    Activity Date
    Publish bid notice 23rd October 2018
    Site inspection 25th October 2018
    Bid opening date 5th November 2018
    Bid closing date 5th November 2018
    Evaluation process 5th-8th November
    Contract award, display, preparation
    and signing.
    15th November 2018
    Site hand over To be

    Asuka Ishii

    Program Coordinator


  • Candidate Ejiku concedes defeat, congratulates Wadri, prays for his release

    ARUA. My dear folks and comrades, I rise up today to thank you most sincerely and congratulate you upon successfully completing the campaign for the Arua Municipality seat.


  • Gunfire greets arrival of MP Abiriga’s body in Arua

    ARUA. Sustained gunfire greeted the arrival of slain Arua municipality Member of Parliament Maj Ibrahim Abiriga (Rtd) on Sunday as security forces clashed with wild youths.


  • Municipal hands over Arua hill ground for stadium development

    ARUA. Arua municipal council on Thursday handed over Arua hill primary school ground to Development Initiative (DI), a private company to be developed into a mini stadium.


  • 'Sick’ Arua municipal speaker abruptly suspends crucial council meeting over Barifa forest

    ARUA. Councilors and other stake holders gathered to attend a council meeting of Arua municipal council were left in shock after the speaker Mr Ramadhan Faraj suspended the sitting on claims that he was suddenly sick.


  • 19-year-old steals bus, intercepted with 16 passengers

    ARUA. Police in Arua is investigating circumstances under which a 19-year-old man attempted to steal a bus belonging to Nile Star Company in Arua on Friday.


  • 2021 Elections: With new electoral setups, how EC is planning for the new cities?

    FEATURE. The excitement when the Ugandan Cabinet pronounced itself on the regional cities in May 2019 was evident, from the ministers of the respected areas,


  • 2021 Elections: With new electoral setups, how EC is planning for the new cities?

    FEATURE. The excitement when the Ugandan Cabinet pronounced itself on the regional cities in May 2019 was evident, from the ministers of the respected areas,


  • 270 graduate in skills training by ACAV, equipped with start-up kits

    ARUA. A total of 220 refugees and 50 local communities in Rhino Camp settlement have graduated in skills development training in a project implemented by Associazione.....


  • 3 killed, 7 recaptured as Arua inmates escape over COVID-19

    ARUA. At least three inmates at Arua central prison have been killed and 7 recaptured as they tried to escape from the prison on Saturday afternoon.


  • 3,000 Arua pupils undergo eye screening

    ARUA. A week-long eye screening for pupils in Arua Islamic and Arua primary schools that have a combined population of 3,000 pupils winds up today with initial results indicating that several pupils have been struggling with eye defects that were neither recognized by their teachers nor their parents.


  • 5 Days GIS Practical Course

    Due to shared interests, West Nile Web, WESTECH HUB and Geospat Analytics have taken deliberate steps to strengthen their strategic relationship.


  • 5 years after its establishment, how has Uganda used her oil funds?

    ARUA. With the enactment of the Public Finance Management Act 2015, the Petroleum Fund was established to serve as a depository for all revenues accruing to govern......


  • 70 Billion Shillings Project to Improve Water Reliability in Arua

    The project might be remaining with two months to conclusion but already residents are appreciating its impact as the taps have not run dry during this dry season as it has always been in previous years.


  • 70years later, Aripea parish chapel gets face lift

    ARUA. Christians of Aripea Catholic parish are responding positively towards the parish chapel renovation project that was launched late last year.


  • A brotherhood divided by the Colonialists; a journalist’s day from Arua to Aru

    On this cold Sunday morning usually reserved for rest and worship for the Christian folk where I belong, I had to be particularly prepared to move....................


  • A nasty past but a complacent present; why the HIV/AIDS story must constantly be told

    A beaming 60 year old Hellen Candiru tells the story of how she bought a goat in preparation for her funeral in 1992 almost five years after she had acquired HIV.

    “When you came to the hospital, the counselors would tell you to go to a church teacher and prepare your ways before God; it wasn’t an easy feeling and one would often be left thinking about suicide” Candiru narrates.

    But more traumatising was the stigma associated with the infection, slim bodies of people wasting to death, the societal stereotypes of grading people with HIV as those sexually immoral and a lack of medicines to suppress the virus meant an infected person found their way to the grave in the shortest time possible.

    Based on the above reasons, it wasn’t surprising that Candiru would finally confirm her status in 1996 nearly a decade after infection, she acknowledges being pushed to test by a relentless friend.

    Ms Dona Aseru also living positively fondly remembers the struggles of coming openly to declare her status in 1994.

    “The first time I stepped openly at Arua police grounds, many people kept talking about me because they saw how my husband had died and kept saying she is the next; but that day I stood in the open to tell people that I am living with HIV but when I die is not upon myself” Ms Aseru narrates her ordeal.

    Three decades of positive living, the reasons behind Candiru’s smile and Dona’s confidence were explainable, the trends had drastically changed.

    However, the changed trends are constantly showing cracks and hearing someone equate HIV to Malaria for these group who had come from a traumatising experience in the past is simply unacceptable.

    “I know HIV yesterday and HIV today is different majorly because if you look at it physically, the slim which I went through but I was lucky to bounce back and build resilience and look healthy again is no more”

    “We have come a long way and had different successes but now many of the successes have been under cut because many people have said HIV is just malaria and yet it is not, Malaria is curable but HIV is not” Dona cautions.

    The exhibition of HIV history in Uganda

    The academy for health innovations within Infectious diseases institute (IDI) has set an exhibition to tell the stories of the history of HIV over the last 30 years in the country.

    The mobile exhibitions open to the public will move to Arua town (5th to 31st March), Hoima, Rakai, Moroto, Wakiso and finally Kampala.

    “In this HIV prevention journey, a lot has changed, the way we used to do social behaviour communication is different right now, for instance in the earlier years we used to have a picture of a person with slim but now you have people with smiling faces and emphasizing that it’s not a death sentence anymore” Says Ms Flavia Lubega, the project manager history of HIV exhibition.

    Ms Lubega says the exhibition is aimed at helping the youth appreciate the journey in the HIV/AIDS fight.

    Dr Twaha Mahaba, the regional program manager (IDI), says the exhibition will address complacency which in part had been created due to ignorance of the past.

    “We have been able to get some stories of someone telling you that the HIV of the present is not as strong as that of the past and we relate it to the fact that people have not been able to see the picture of HIV”

    “We believe with this exhibition, it brings an opportunity to be listened to and ask and see because there are videos and pictures and with this kind of information we believe the youth can have a behavioural change”, Dr Mahaba says.

    Dr MahabaDr Mahaba flanked by Dr Wadria Ronald speaking to the press.

    Ms Dona says the exhibition adds a more innovative means to fighting the scourge.

    “We have done a lot of things but we know that HIV is dynamic and if you do the same things the same way, you will not expect to get a different result”

    “So if they see the stories we have put in the exhibition, they should be able to appreciate how far we have come and if we have been relaxing, then we should be challenged to bounce back with new innovations and do something better”, she says.

    The fight goes on

    For those that have lived through the times like Mr Jack Kokole, the chairman of people living with HIV/AIDS in Arua, the strides made in the HIV fight are remarkable.

    “In the early days, when the anthem by Philly Lutaya would play, there would only be tears but the picture has changed now, this shows the commitment of Ugandans to wipe out HIV in the country” Kokole says.

    He is quick to caution that the pace in the fight must be accelerated if this ultimate goal is to be achieved.

    Dr Pontious Apangu, Arua municipal medical officer says the urban areas need to step up their efforts due to a higher infection burden.

    He warns that the HIV/AIDS fight must be sustained despite new emerging and more dangerous infections across the globe like the Corona Virus.

    As different people are taken through the exhibition room at the Catholic centre in Arua town, one is made to appreciate how far the country has come.

    But most importantly the activists championing the cause against HIV want to make it clear that the strides made must not be used as a tool for complacency.

    Rev Fr Pius YobutaVisistors including Rev Fr Pius Yobuta of Christ the King parish are shown through the exhibition room.


  • Abairo and Whaa waterfalls give the ultimate taste of nature’s beauty

    What a scenery! What a land scape! (echo), this is beautiful! Our team murmured in endless choruses as the van moved about this exhilarating landscape.


  • Abiriga assassination: Museveni bans hooded motorcyclists

    ARUA. President Yoweri Museveni has banned riding motorcycles while hooded from Ugandan roads as the latest security measure to tackle high crime rate in the wake of the Friday assassination of Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga.


  • About smoking, its effects and the uphill tasks to stop its use

    ARUA. President Yoweri Museveni in his wealth creation campaigns has over and again advised subsistence farmers never to consider tobacco as one of the crops because it would ulti..........


  • Absa launches branch in Arua after transitioning from Barclays bank

    ARUA. Absa bank Uganda, after transiting from Europe based Barclays bank on Thursday launched a branch in Arua town.


  • ACAV rolls out shs2.7b agriculture project for West Nile

    ARUA. What began two years ago as an exploratory visit to West Nile by Ms Sarah Ferari, the minister for development cooperation for the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy, is finally...


  • Accident-prone Arua road worries locals

    ARUA. Arua district technocrats and politicians are losing popularity from road users as the busy Owaffa-Ejome road in Uriama sub-county, Arua district has become prone to.....


  • Activists want day of African child declared as a public holiday

    ARUA. Civil society Organizations working in Arua district have suggested that government include the day for African child in the national calendar.


  • Adibo counts his fortune on shs20, 000

    ARUA. Start business with any amount you have. Never wait to accumulate a lot of money before taking any business risk because you may end up spending it without meeting your target.


  • Advocacy group wants Arua district council to pass resolution on sexual reproduction

    ARUA. An advocacy working group in Arua wants the district council to urgently pass a resolution on access to adolescent sexual reproductive health services and family plan...


  • Africa has no hope without gender equality, says Prof. Dranzoa

    ARUA. The vice-chancellor of Muni University Prof. Christine Dranzoa has decried the ‘baby steps’ of progress in attaining gender equality across the African continent.


  • AIDS commission partners with religious and cultural institutions to fight stigma

    ARUA. Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) has started an engagement with religious and cultural institutions in a bid to fight stigma and discrimination against................


  • AIM director lauds African churches for opposing secularism

    ARUA. Dr Luke Herrin, the Africa Inland Mission (AIM) director has lauded African churches for their opposition to secularism, describing it as the most dangerous thing ever to spread from the Western World.


  • Ajia named worst sub-county in clean water coverage

    ARUA. Arua district water department has ranked Ajia as the worst sub-county in rural clean water coverage in the district.


  • Akuaku, the West Nile’s face of fashion and beauty designs

    ARUA. What became as Mr Sam Akuaku’s career began as the lame excuse that many parents give for buying unfitting bulky clothes for their children.


  • Alcoholism, poverty dominate intergenerational dialogue on parenting

    ARUA. School children and women have pointed an accusing finger at their fathers for relegating their responsibilities to their mothers as they spend most of earnings and time on alcohol and drugs.


  • American artists to entertain Arua residents in concert

    ARUA: Mr Austin Quattlebaum, Ms Leigh Jones, Mr Ben Larsen, Ms Audra Nemir and Mr Jeremy Elliott, the five-member crew of the Crow and Canyon troupe are set to entertain people in the West Nile district of Arua in a live concert this Sunday.


  • Amin family: Gov't wants to grab our land

    ARUA. The family of the former President of Uganda, the Late Iddi Amin Dada has accused the government of plotting to grab their land through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


  • Anglican Church dedicates Sunday to Uganda Christian University

    ARUA. The Anglican Church has dedicated 30th September a special Sunday for Uganda Christian University (UCU) that was established by the house of Bishops in 1997.


  • Angry Muslims vandalize Khadi’s car, lock up offices

    ARUA: Police in Arua district have moved swiftly to take charge of Arua Muslim district Khadi, Sheikh Ahmed Amin Maga’s security after a section of Muslims opposed to his leadership locked up his offices and vandalized his car.


  • Angualia: from diplomat to potato farmer

    When Uganda’s former envoy to Egypt, Richard Laus Angualia left his ambassadorial job in 2016 to contest in the elections for Maracha constituency Member of Parliament, he didn’t know that he was treading into uncharted waters.


  • Anthrax outbreak confirmed in Arua

    ARUA. The Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) that has been investigating a suspected outbreak of Anthrax in Arua district since February has released its findings, confirming the disease.


  • Aripea parish handed to a missionary order

    ARUA. The caretaker parish priest of Aripea Catholic parish Fr Tonino Pasolini has handed over the parish to a resident parish priest at a function that was presided over by the vicar...........


  • Armed thugs kill three Arua residents

    ARUA: The security agents in Arua district are scrambling to plug loopholes following a spike in robbery and killings by armed thugs including the shooting of three people last night.


  • Arua authorities want government to fulfill its pledge of constructing Inzikuru stadium

    ARUA. Authorities in Arua district have urged the government of Uganda to fulfill its pledge of constructing a sports stadium in honor of Dorcus Inzikuru who won two Gold medals for the country.


  • Arua blood bank gets sh25m Unicef aid

    ARUA. The Arua regional blood bank has received a sh25m aid from the United Nations children fund (UNICEF) to aid the collection of blood for three months.


  • Arua boxing association resumes with amateur fight

    ARUA. Arua boxing association in partnership with the West Nile boxing club are set to resume boxing in the district after years of dormancy.


  • Arua businessman shot dead in a spike of violent crimes

    ARUA. Mr Rasul Amati, a mobile money proprietor was shot three times from the back as he closed the door of his business premises opposite Nsambia stage in Arua town by assailants driving in a salon car.


  • Arua central market construction begins

    ARUA. The vendors in Arua town are euphoric following the launch of the much delayed central market construction by the local government minister, Tom Butime on Monday.


  • Arua city mothers’ SACCO set for grand launch

    ARUA. After a year of spreading its membership across the West Nile region, Arua city mothers’ savings and credit cooperative organization (SACCO) officials have announced plans of a grand


  • Arua Communities embrace by-law on restricted night Markets

    ARUA. The implementation of a by-law set by the council of Katrini sub-county to ban night markets is generating support from communities.


  • Arua corporates to celebrate four years of quiz night

    ARUA. Mr Nelson Nahabwe was a student at Muni University when he first attended a quiz night hosted every Thursdays at Oasis 24/7, a popular hangout place in Arua town.


  • Arua council closes unlicensed schools

    ARUA. There was drama and boos at several nursery and primary schools in Arua municipality as the council and the education ministry standards’ directorate issued out closure notices to operators of unlicensed schools in front of teary children.