• Maracha Hydraform machine lies idle

    MARACHA. The Hydraform machine donated by the Government of Uganda to the youths of Maracha district is lying idle at the district Central Police Station (CPS).


  • Maracha internally displaced persons resettled in their ancestral home

    MARACHA. At least 39 victims from three households in Ombokoro village, Oleba sub-county in Maracha district who were evicted by a mob over allegations of practicing witchcraft have been resettled in their ancestral homes.


  • Maracha Leaders Call for Speedy Establishment of Judicial Services

    Authorities in Maracha district have appealed to Kahinda Otafiire, the Ugandan Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to speed up the process of establishing a fully fledged judicial system in the district.


  • Maracha leaders resort to God to solve hostilities among staff

    MARACHA. Local leaders of Maracha district have organized a special prayer aimed at bringing peace and unity among staff members.


  • Maracha leaders urged to support educational projects

    MARACHA. The organizing committee for the fundraising drive aimed at constructing a three-classroom block at Obutava community vocational school in Aroi parish, Yivu sub-county in Mar.....


  • Maracha locals live in fear as unknown youths terrorize villages

    MARACHA. Local council (LC) authorities in Aroi parish Yivu sub-county Maracha district have threatened to use force to enforce discipline among minors and rowdy youths causing insecurity...


  • Maracha mango farmers destroy new mango fruit varieties over poor yields

    MARACHA. Residents in Maracha district who embraced the planting of improved mango seedlings supplied under various government programs have started destroying them over lack of yields.


  • Maracha politicians divided over CAO’s failed transfer

    MARACHA. Politicians in Maracha district are reportedly divided over a proposal to have Mr Martine Kasule, the chief administrative officer (CAO) transferred from the district.


  • Maracha residents task leaders on bridges

    MARACHA. Locals in Yivu and the neighbouring Kijomoro sub-counties in Maracha district have tasked their leaders to consider establishing a network of bridges and culverts on rivers and..........


  • Maracha SS students paraded in court over strike, remanded

    MARACHA. At least 35 students of Maracha secondary school (SS) in Nyadri sub-county, Maracha district have been charged with causing malicious damage to property following a recent strike


  • Maracha woman burns child for stealing sauce

    MARACHA. A 3-year-old boy in Worogbo west village, Yivu sub-county in Maracha district is receiving treatment after his step-mother burnt him with fire for allegedly stealing sauce.


  • Maracha women tipped on financial literacy

    MARACHA. The capacity of 25 women from different sub-counties of Maracha district has been enhanced with the knowledge on financial literacy in a three-day workshop that......


  • Maracha, Arua residents rake fortune from quelea birds

    The migratory quelea birds are dreaded as destructive pests to cereal crops by many communities but to some people in Arua and Maracha districts, the marauding weaver species are...


  • Michael Candia finds his niche in cassava

    Mr Michael Candia who hails from Maracha district always wanted to be a commercial farmer but land shortage kept holding him back.


  • Minister orders arrest of two Maracha district officials

    MARACHA. The police in Maracha district have arrested a driver attached to Maracha district local government on orders of the state minister for ethics and integrity Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo.


  • Minister threatens to take action against leaders over errant Balalo pastoralists

    MARACHA. The State Minister for Internal Affairs has asked the police to investigate the presence of nomadic cattle keepers in West Nile region nearly a year after Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni directed that they must leave the region and return to their home districts.


  • Minor drowns in Maracha stone quarry site

    MARACHA.A ten year old boy in Robu village, Pabura parish, Nyadri Sub County in Maracha district has drowned in an open quarry site operated by Chinese company CICO that constructed Vurra-Arua Oraba road.


  • Murder suspect charged for contempt of court

    MARACHA. The Koboko grade II magistrate's court has sentenced a murder suspect to two months in prison for contempt of court.


  • Nyadri Catholic Parish needs shs100m to build Church

    MARACHA. The finance committee of Nyadri Catholic Parish in Maracha district has launched a fundraising drive to get about shs100m needed to complete the construction of their Church.


  • Olivu primary school struggles with lack of classrooms

    MARACHA. The administration of Olivu primary school in Aroi parish, Yivu Sub County in Maracha district is struggling to cope with congestion as the school runs out of classrooms to accommodate pupils.


  • Oluvu youths apprehend eight suspected thieves

    MARACHA. Eight people suspected of masterminding burglary, theft of property and animals were early this week arrested by a group of youths in Oluvu sub-county, Maracha district.


  • Ovujo HCIII suspends night deliveries over poor lighting system

    MARACHA. Health officials at Ovujo health centre (HC) III in Oluffe sub-county, Maracha district have suspended night deliveries over poor lighting system.


  • Parents tipped on support to orphans

    MARACHA. The sub-county chairman of Olufe sub-county has advised single parents and guardians in Maracha constituency to invest in income generating activities to reduce over-depende


  • PLE candidates to receive joint examination tips

    MARACHA. Anyivu coordinating centre that monitors schools in the two sub-counties of Tara and Yivu in Maracha district has released a program to brief and equip primary leaving examination (PLE) candidates with examination skills to improve on their performance.


  • Police foils Maracha NRM protest

    MARACHA. Police in Maracha on Thursday foiled a planned demonstration by a section of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders against what they termed as a ‘wrong’.............


  • President donates shs20M to Maracha church, calls locals to invest in commercial agriculture

    MARACHA. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has donated UGX20M for the construction of Christ the Universal King Nyadri town parish in Maracha district with an appeal to the locals to invest..


  • RDC labels district leaders ‘criminals’

    MARACHA. The outgoing Maracha resident district commissioner (RDC) has labelled district leaders as ‘criminals’ for allegedly failing to play their roles and instilling good moral into the youths.


  • RDC Warns on Early Marriage, Drugs

    MARACHA. Maracha Resident District Commissioner Mr Simon Lolim (RDC) has raised a red flag over the increasing cases of early girl-child marriage and drug abuse in the district.


  • Residents improvise own bridge after gov’t’s failure to build one

    MARACHA. The construction of an improvised bridge on Odraku valley in Yivu sub-county, Maracha district has relieved the residents of the area from the menace to mobility especially during the......


  • Residents wrangle Church over land

    MARACHA. There is uncertainty in Olivu Anglican Parish in Maracha district as Church leaders battle encroachers, who are claiming a significant chunk of Church land.


  • Shs 3m raised to support education in Maracha

    ARUA. A total sum of about shs 2.2 million in cash and shs 1.3 million in pledges has been raised to support education in Maracha district.


  • Sigh of relief as Maracha fire victims get assistance

    MARACHA. The government of Uganda has given assistance to over 80 people who recently lost all their properties to a mysterious fire in Maracha district, North Western Uganda.


  • Speaker to Petition Works Ministry over Maracha Border Road

    Speaker pledges to write to the Ministry of Works over the bad state of Uganda – DR Congo border road.


  • Stray Hippo injures five in Maracha

    MARACHA. A stray Hippopotamus has injured five people including a police officer and an official attached to the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA).


  • Terego residents blame REA for under valuing their property

    MARACHA. The residents whose structures and trees will be destroyed in the process of connecting electricity along Wandi-Moyo road in Terego county, Arua district are complaining of un.......


  • Terego, Maracha leaders reach peace deal over boarder insecurity

    MARACHA. The people of Terego West and Maracha constituencies have reached a peace deal and reconciled following decades of insecurity incidences that have threatened development in areas bordering the two counties.


  • The Glory of Nyadri Town, Maracha’s Main Business Hub

    Located midway along Arua-Koboko road, Maracha town had strong connections to Asian businessmen regarding everything in its early years.


  • Tourism in Maracha

    The Maracha District, unique in its own way, was actually once a part of Arua district up until 2006. It was separated from Terego which has now been returned to Arua as a county in 2010.


  • UHRC tips Maracha residents on dangers of mob action

    MARACHA. The residents of Maracha district who attended the community dialogue organized by Uganda human rights commission (UHRC) that ended on Friday in Kijomoro sub-county...


  • Up-grading the Maracha-DRC boarder road excites locals

    MARACHA. Local residents on both sides of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are excited about the upgrading of a road that has been abandoned for close to two decades.............


  • Value addition to rice spurs commercial production in Uganda, DRC

    MARACHA. The establishment of rice huller machines at Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) boarder markets in Maracha district to automate the process of removing the chaff of rice is motivating farmers on both sides to engage in commercial production.
    “We used to hull the husk of rice in Ariwara market located over 30km inside DRC but the establishment of the machines in Odramacaku, Osidribiku and Malaba boarder markets has now relieved farmers in Maracha, Koboko and Arua districts,” some farmers told West Nile Web in an interview on Tuesday.
    Ms Knight Driciru, a resident of Nyamia village in Oluvu sub-county, Maracha district acknowledged that production of rice has greatly changed the lives of farmers from subsistence to commercial level.
    She said the least portion of land used by a farmer for planting rice is an acre.
    Driciru noted that in a good season, a farmer may harvest at least 10 bags of rice from an acre of land.
    During the season of plenty, a basin of unprocessed rice costs shs18, 000 while a full sack containing seven basins is sold at shs126, 000.
    “But with the value addition to our produce courtesy of the rice huller machines in place, we now pocket over shs300,000 per bag which is double profit to us and so attractive,” Driciru narrated.
    She said the money got from the sales is used for feeding the family in areas where other food crops like cassava and beans yield poorly. Some people use the money for paying school fees, building and buying animals.
    Ms Rose Tiperu, another resident of Ayikuru village in Oluvu sub-county noted that the rice huller machines have significantly improved the quality of rice in the area compared to the traditional method of pounding using mortar and pestle.
    “The machines remove the husk and the bran layers, and produce an edible white rice kernel that is sufficiently milled free of impurities with minimum number of broken kernels,” Tiperu explained.
    Tiperu who harvested six bags of rice last year said children and adults like rice because it serves different purposes including meals of the day hence saving other food items like cassava and beans.
    Meanwhile Ms Gloria Eyotaru, a teacher at Galia primary school observed that the tradition of eating rice during big occasions no longer exists in the area.
    She called on farmers to consider minimizing the challenges in production like destruction by animals and poor weeding to achieve maximum benefits.
    She said they rent wet lands from people but if one uses appropriate techniques like planting rice in lines to allow sufficient weeding, high yields can be realized.
    According to Mr Amos Atiku, the Oluvu sub-county chairperson, the introduction of the machines has empowered farmers to earn better income from their good quality rice supplies to Arua town and DRC.
    “I call upon local investors to install more machines in the inland trading centres to reduce long distances to Osidribiku, Malaba and Odramacaku”, Atiku appealed.
    “We are now in the process of mobilizing youths to form groups in order to apply for youth loan for buying rice huller machines and establish them at Nyadria market so as to help our farmers,” Atiku stated.
    A Congolese national only identified as Mr Sederike, one of the three rice huller operators at Odramacaku market said they established the machine in the area to reduce the cost of transport incurred by the farmers from Uganda side to Ariwara market in DRC.
    Sederike said he normally removes the husk of a kilogram of rice at shs100 and during the season of plenty, he receives at least 20 bags of rice per day from farmers to be processed. A bag contains at least 100kg of rice.


  • Women call for men accompaniment for Antenatal Services

    MARACHA:  Women Leaders in Maracha district marked the International Women’s Day on Thursday with a call on men to accompany their wives for Antenatal Services whenever they get pregnant.


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