• Nebbi pupils miss exams over shs3000

    NEBBI. Hundreds of school age going children in Nebbi district have reportedly missed second term examinations after failing to clear a fee of three thousand Ugandan shilling.


  • Nebbi pupils to get insecticide treated mosquito nets

    NEBBI: Nebbi district has announced plans to start distributing over 3000 insecticide treated mosquito nets to pupils in government primary schools.


  • Nebbi PWDs get wheelchairs

    NEBBI. At least 80 people with disabilities (PWDs) in Nebbi district have received wheelchairs to ease their mobility.


  • Nebbi RDC bans disco operations in the district

    NEBBI. The Nebbi resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr. Bob Williams Labeja has stopped the operation of discos in four sub-counties of Ndhew, Akworo, Erussi, and Nebbi sub-county.


  • Nebbi RDC suspends activities at Goli custom

    NEBBI. The Nebbi resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Christopher Omara has halted activities at Goli customs following reports that there were illegal activities going on at the border point.


  • Nebbi RDC vows to get rid of idle youth from streets

    NEBBI. The Nebbi Residence District Commissioner (RDC) Mr Christopher Omara has vowed to get rid of the idle youths on the streets of Nebbi municipality.


  • Nebbi registers over 9, 000 malaria cases, 49 deaths in 2020

    NEBBI. Nebbi district has registered 9, 801 cases of malaria with 49 deaths from January 2020 to date, officials have said.


  • Nebbi residents defying COVID-19 guidelines - DHO

    NEBBI. The acting Nebbi district health officer (DHO) has criticised locals in the district for not adhering to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) guidelines.


  • Nebbi residents want municipal authority to designate taxi, Lorry park

    NEBBI. Residents of Nebbi municipal council have urged the authority to designate taxi and lorry parks to end irregular street parking.


  • Nebbi state prosecutor found dead in his house

    NEBBI. The state prosecutor Nebbi chief magistrate court Mr Robert Mugerwa was on Wednesday afternoon found dead in his house at River cell in Nebbi municipality.


  • Nebbi to re-impose quarantine over fresh outbreak of foot and mouth disease

    NEBBI. Nebbi district is in final stages of re-imposing quarantine on movement of cattle following reports from veterinary officials and laboratory technicians showing 80 per cent positive reaction to the disease in the samples tested.


  • Nebbi traders in fear over reported influx of fake money

    NEBBI. Traders in Nebbi district are living in fear of losses after a reported influx of fake money in the district.


  • Nebbi vendors urged to stay united

    NEBBI. Vendors at Nebbi main market in Nebbi Municipality have been urged to stay united and focus on their businesses rather than fighting one another over useless issues.


  • Nebbi women admit sharing UWEP funds

    NEBBI. A section of women from various groups in Nebbi district have openly admitted that they normally share Uganda women entrepreneurship program (UWEP) funds among themselves.


  • Nebbi women groups appeal for more UWEP funding

    NEBBI. Women groups affiliated to the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP) in Nebbi district are calling for more funding from the government if they are to improve on their household income.


  • Nebbi youth abandon domestic work for quick money on muddy road.

    NEBBI. A section of youths in Cwala village, Nebbi Sub County in Nebbi district have abandoned their gardens for quick money from travellers who get stuck on the muddy parts of Nebbi – Kei - Goli road.


  • Nebbi, Arua farmers get honey processing equipment

    ARUA.The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation through support from Oxfam has equipped West Nile beekeepers with post harvesting materials to improve honey quality.


  • Nebbi, Pakwach Nurses honored for outstanding service

    PAKWACH. Two Senior Nurses in Nebbi and Pakwach districts have been awarded with medals for their outstanding performance and commitment in public service.


  • New Army detach linked to NRM boss

    NEBBI. The residents of Nebbi municipal council have linked the newly established Nebbi army detach along Arua – Nebbi road to the recent fracas that led to burning of the district national resistant movement (NRM) chairman, Mr George Kermundu’s office.


  • Newly elected Nebbi Municipal leaders sworn in office

    NEBBI. The newly elected Nebbi municipal officials have been sworn in office.


  • No fund to maintain DAR roads, says Nebbi Engineer

    NEBBI. Despite being rated the best performing district in the implementation of the development assistance to refugee-hosting areas (DAR) projects in West Nile region.......


  • NRM wins Nebbi by-elections amidst low voter turn up

    NEBBI. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Mr Emmanuel Urombi yesterday won the Nebbi district local council (LC5) seat.


  • NWSC injects shs42 million for safe water in Nebbi municipality

    NEBBI. National water and sewerage corporation (NWSC) Nebbi cluster has injected shs42 million for the extension of clean water source for the community of Angir cell, Abindu division in Nebbi municipality.


  • Nyaravur-Angal town council operationalisation halted over lack of money

    NEBBI. The permanent secretary ministry of finance has halted the operationalisation of the newly created Nyaravur-Angal town council in Nebbi district over lack of money.


  • Officials want gov’t to regulate Church activities

    NEBBI. Nebbi district leaders are calling on government to start regulating Church activities across the country.


  • One dead, three injured in Nebbi accident

    NEBBI. One person died and two others sustained serious injuries when their motorcycle collided with an incoming baby coach bus at Namrwodho river on Monday night in Nebbi district.


  • OPM to handover Alur King’s house

    NEBBI. The office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is set to hand over the Alur King’s house that was built by the government at Kaal Atyak in Atyak sub-county, Zombo........


  • Oroma, the single mother reaping from her early involvement in business

    Hailing from what the community considered a well-off family didn’t deter Emma Oroma from pursuing her long term goal of fending for herself.

    Oroma’s shadowy dreams started when she would sell a few assorted items to get her scholastic materials although many would wonder why as a child who had the rare privilege of sitting back and getting all she needed at this time, she chose to go ‘dirty’.

    Her journey through Angal girl’s primary school, Tororo girls for secondary and later Makerere University for her diploma in purchase supply and management, and another diploma in stores management would only strengthen her earlier resolve to be independent.

    “I Started being self-reliant at an early age despite the fact that my parents were wealthy but I found it necessary to do business coupled with the fact that the family had a business background”, Oroma narrates.

    Getting involved in body draining activities like digging and brewing the local liquor ‘Enguli’ was not to be without hitches, most people complained that her early involvement in such activities amounted to child labour.

    After her diploma, Oroma wasn’t to be in the list of those searching for jobs after school, she swiftly opened a book shop which was among the first in Nebbi taking advantage to supply schools with stationery.

    This career change came in although in her childhood, she had dreamt of joining the armed forces but would be discouraged after being tipped on the rigorous training one has to go through before becoming a soldier.

    The single mother of two would later abandon the stationery shop to invest in a super market after loads of other people took to the bookshop venture.

    She would as well ultimately join a vocational school to get a new challenge in poultry and piggery keeping putting an end to the super market.

    Although profitable, she is quick to assert that the piggery project is rather tedious and demands a lot of commitment, a reason why many people see it as a very difficult venture to invest in.

    Ms Oroma 1Ms Oroma feeds her pigs

    Oroma says she has equally tried to employ other people to work for her piggery project but most have ended up leaving the job even before finishing a month.

    She has now additionally ventured into wine and honey production doing all her works at the comfort of her home this in a bid to avoid the usually expensive rent but also to utilise the space at home.

    To embrace diversity and feed into different social classes of people, Oroma has put a price range from UGX 15,000 to 350,000 while the honey is from 5000-125,000 and a pair of piglets at 300,000.

    Oroma says the markets are readily available for all her products.

    She admits that presiding over a successful business is difficult regarding the numerous challenges which can only be overcome through hard work and determination.

    The ‘born a winner’ mentality, and the persistence even in the face of utmost difficulty makes Oroma continuously pursue her dream of wanting to become a big producer of different commodities and a commercial farmer.

    Her next plan is to register her business with Uganda national bureau of standards (UNBS) and also build a big underground water harvest tank on the compound which will not only help her but the community around.

    Ms Oroma 2Ms Oroma loves her pigs and spends more time with them.

    Oroma additionally wants to train and later collectively venture into Jelly making with the women of her community because it’s something she can’t do all alone.

    Her hard work over the years has seen her acquire an expansive 200 hectares of land on which she has planted trees while other parts are used for other farming activities. She strongly appeals to the women folk to follow her lead and invest in land.

    Oroma’s childhood love for drivers and motorists would eventually make her one of the first female riders in her town before further buying a car to ease her work.

    She idolises the former resident district commissioner of Maracha Ms Mary Akwiya who she praises for her passion for education and humility despite her high social class.

    She says with determination and hard work, every woman can achieve their dreams but stresses that the important thing is to set a goal in life and work towards achieving it.

    From a young girl helping her brothers in the shop during holidays, Oroma has no regrets over her career decisions and a choice to get involved at an early stage.

    To the girl child, Oroma says marriage should never come first before education, employment or acquisition of land that appreciates with time.

    She says one can never be poor if they have land because it can be used for different purposes just like what she has done.


  • Oroma, the single mother reaping from her early involvement in business

    NEBBI. Hailing from what the community considered a well-off family didn’t deter Emma Oroma from pursuing her long term goal of fending for herself.


  • Panyango, Ediofe girls are 2018 West Nile secondary schools champions

    NEBBI. Panyango secondary school from Pakwach district are the 2018 football champions of West Nile.


  • Parents urged to embrace early childhood development

    NEBBI. The Assistant Education Commissioner in the Ministry of Education and Sports Mr Ibrahim Bigabwa has appealed to local leaders in Nebbi district to strengthen the parental..............


  • Parombo water project hits a snag

    NEBBI. The Parombo water project in Parombo Town Council, Nebbi district which was slated to start in July 2019 has failed to take off after surveyors hit four dry wells.


  • Pastor, 3 others arrested with 84kgs of Ivory

    NEBBI. The police of Nebbi district have arrested four people including a Pastor for allegedly trading in Ivory.


  • Patients abandon health centre over lack of drugs

    NEBBI. The in-patient ward at Kucwiny health centre III in Kucwiny sub-county, Nebbi district has been abandoned by the patients over lack of medicine.


  • Police cautions public against mob action

    NEBBI: Police in Nebbi district have cautioned the residents against taking the law into their own hands following the death of a man suspected to be a traditional herbalist at Erusi trading centre.


  • Police in Nebbi arrests 5 men over murder

    NEBBI. The police in Nebbi has arrested and detained five men for the alleged murder of a 19year old man identified as Okecha Obote, resident of Athele village Errusi sub-county Nebbi district.


  • Police launch operation to impound numberless motorcycles

    NEBBI: Police in Nebbi have launched a campaign to impound unregistered and unlicensed motorcycles. Cyclists who do not wear crush helmets and those without riding permits are also being targeted.


  • Police launches investigation into missing Shs40million vendor’s money

    NEBBI. Police in Nebbi has launched an investigation into the alleged mismanagement of 40 million shillings given to Nebbi market vendors.


  • Police stuck with accident body

    NEBBI. Police of Nebbi district are stuck with the body of unidentified man who was knocked dead on Sunday night.


  • Police vows to arrest parents who conceal defiled girls’ age

    NEBBI. The head of the family protection unit at Nebbi central police station has threatened to arrest parents who lie about the age of their children when it comes to cases of defilement.


  • Poor agronomic practices affecting coffee quality in West Nile

    NEBBI. Coffee is one of Uganda's most lucrative export yet West Nile region, which has the potential to grow the crop has remained among the lowest performing production areas in the country.


  • Poor mobilization undermining Agric cluster project

    NEBBI. The low progress of the Agriculture cluster project in Nebbi district has been attributed to poor mobilization of famers, a ministry of agriculture official has said.


  • Poor state of Nebbi, Pakwach roads irk MPs

    WEST NILE. Members of Parliament on government assurance and implementation committee have expressed unhappiness about the poor state of roads in Nebbi and Pakwach districts.


  • President, MPs fail to turn up for school function

    NEBBI. Islamic clerics have expressed disappointment over the failure by the President and West Nile Members of Parliament to turn up for the fund raising drive organized towards the construction......


  • Prioritize land issues, RDC tells leaders

    NEBBI. Leaders in West Nile have been urged to prioritize land issues if the rampant land conflicts are to be minimized.


  • Pupils petition leaders over poor performance and violence

    NEBBI: A section of pupils in Nebbi district have petition the leaders over their inaction over deteriorating standards in performance and violence against them (children).


  • Quality education is achievable through hard work, says officials

    NEBBI. Achieving quality education has become a challenge in West Nile with districts like Zombo failing to even attain first grade in national examinations, officials have said.


  • Queen mother to support fight against teenage pregnancy

    NEBBI. The Alur kingdom Queen mother Rosette Kerunega has pledged to support the fight against teenage pregnancy the kingdom.


  • RDC apologizes to Agule residents over security laxity

    NEBBI. The Nebbi resident district commissioner (RDC) has apologized to the people of Agule over the long standing land conflict in the area.


  • RDC blocks teachers' demonstration

    NEBBI. Uganda national teachers’ union (UNATU) Nebbi branch members have petitioned the office of the resident district commissioner (RDC) to allow them stage a peaceful demonstration over the murder of one of their colleagues.


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