• Amoropi more than a hot spring

    PAKWACH. Amoropi hot spring in Panyimur Sub County, Pakwach district is a fascinating place of interface between tradition, culture and spiritual adventurism.


  • Nubian Culture in West Nile

    She dressed in brightly coloured Nubian costumes spotting a long dress, a headband, necklaces, beads, armlets and bracelets.


  • Nyarwoth Aganja hill: The lost hunting ground of Rwoth Amula

    ZOMBO: Situated about 2km from Zombo district headquarters as you head towards Arua district along the Nebbi-Paidha-Arua road is entailing intricate historical and cultural importance to the Alur.


  • Obongi wants a second ferry

    MOYO: The increasing volume of traffic via the Obongi-Sinyanya route is putting too much strain on the ferry and its attendant staff that there is need for a second ferry at Obongi, the area member of parliament.


  • Theft of passengers’ property worries bus managers

    ARUA. Bus managers in Arua town have expressed worry over the increasing cases of theft targeting their passengers.


  • Tourism in Moyo

    The old colonial building served as an administrative centre for East and West Moyo under the West Nile district. It was also a civic centre for the people of West Nile.


  • Tourism in Yumbe

    Yumbe District was created in November 2000, curved out of Arua District. It was originally called Aringa County under Arua district.


  • Tourism in Zombo

    Known as the food basket of West Nile region due to its fertile soils, Zombo District is also endowed with beautiful landscapes and hosts the burial grounds of the Alur Cultural institution at Atiak Sub County.